A Formal Introduction: Welcome to The Media Experiment!

7 10 2010

Hello, reader!

My name is Matt Suppes, and I’m here to officially welcome you to my new site, The Media Experiment! This is my first real post, dedicated entirely to telling you what I plan to do with this site. So quit dicking around, grab you 3-D glasses and protect your genitals, because this shit’s about to get real!


Indeed, the shit is now real


What ‘The Media Experiment’ plans to blog about:

  • Movies: I may not be the biggest movie buff on the planet, but I feel that I’m just smart enough to think that my opinion matters more than yours. Here at Media Experiment, you’ll be able to read reviews, rants, and any other movie-related thoughts that my brain queefs out.  And just in case you ever feel like spewing period blood all over me because I don’t think Inception is the greatest film of all time, I guess I’ll let you guys all know that my tiny brain just cannot handle movies with multiple layers. Call me crazy, but I’ll take Steve Martin’s poor black child shtick over any Noah Baumbach film ever. If I go any deeper than that, I may just find myself in the realms of eternal damnation.


Also, I freaking love Gary Busey and his elephant tusk dentures.


  • Video Games: Do you see where this is going? I know that media in a sense applies more to the news, but I couldn’t think of anything better, and the name I originally wanted is a blog that’s sitting around with three fucking posts. Anyways, if you like video games, but are tired of seeing big name gamer blogs sucking Halo’s dick, drop by this website to hear me rant about how Okami is the greatest game of all time. For the other 90% of video game content on this site, expect mostly gamer journals. For all the uneducated, a gamer journal is essentially a multi-part essay chronicling the player’s experiences with a game/ multiple games. While these will mostly focus on new releases (expect a Fallout: New Vegas review not long after it’s released!), don’t be surprised if a few journals about replays with older games occur. The second I reclaim my old Playstation, I’m gonna play Spyro the Dragon until my pills wear off.





  • Books, Music, and Television: To be quite honest, I don’t know what to say about these topics. I have at least one incredibly hipster friend that would probably make some great posts about all his hipster music, but I don’t know if he’ll join me on this venture or not. You can expect at least one CD review every few months. Hell, I may even write a concert review whenever Haley’s Comet comes back. While I don’t read nearly enough books, I do have some authors that I follow semi-religiously (Scott Sigler, Stephen King, ect). You can probably expect a book review for every book I read, no matter how few are actually read (Currently reading I Am America (And So Can You!)). In an accidental not-segue, this leads me to television, something I can never, ever seem to get pumped about. I enjoy watching sports, and there are shows that I have watched from beginning to end, but the fact of the matter is that outside of Scrubs and Arrested Development, there aren’t many shows that I enjoyed enough to watch in its entirety. At the very least you should expect reviews for premieres and finales for shows that I am either currently attempting to follow or am excited to see. Those include Boardwalk Empire, Eastbound and Down, Archer, and the upcoming pilot for The Walking Dead, which is not only about my favorite horror icon, zombies, but also based on the graphic novel series, which is pretty epic. In short, don’t be surprised if any of these subjects become regular for the site, but don’t be surprised if they hardly ever show up either.


Even more sex.
  • Podcast(?): This blog is currently a party of the loneliest number, but that doesn’t mean it will stay that way forever. Invites will be sent, and if it strikes our fancy, then a podcast may be a thing for us to do in the future. That would be cool.
  • Anything Else: Who the hell knows what I’ll do with this site? Anything from just reviews and rants to interviews with pornstars is entirely in the realm of possibility for the site, especially since the guy running it is a cocky bastard. Videos of us playing shit? Podcasts? Dinners with powerful politicians? If big plans come in small packages, then this white Catholic guy is one of the smallest (In more ways than one, wakka wakka).

A little bit about me:

If you’ve managed to slog through this site introduction,then by now you’ve learned that my name is Matt Suppes, I’m a pale Catholic nerd, and I just love the absolute shit out of making my keyboard go clickity clack and stuff. Outside of those important facts, I am an aspiring writer currently living in Kansas City, the most underrated town for thug life in the country. I enjoy wearing hipster clothes, not listening to instructions, and preaching the dangers of cocaine and that muscular Latino gardener next door to mentally unstable housewives. If you continue (or start) to read my posts, you’ll probably come to find me impossible to like. I’m like a Yorkshire Terrier puppy: No matter how many pillows I destroy or how many times I shit on your great-grandmother’s antique rug, you’ll still find yourself loving me at the end of the day. Besides, your great-grandmother is a cranky wench anyways.

Until next time, I’m Matt Suppes. This is The Media Experiment. Please read my site; It’s the only way to stop the tears from flowing.





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