5 Astounding Video Game Bands

12 10 2010

I like video game music. Like, a lot. I have the soundtracks of the first 6 Mega Man games and Silent Hill 2 on my iPod. They’re quite excellent. Music is an integral part of any gaming experience. Few things can make good video game music more awesome. One of those things is when bands solely focused on playing video game music are formed. Another is when they are actually good. See 5 of the best ones after the jump.


The NESkimos are different from the rest of the bands on this list, primarily because few of their songs have lyrics. Their approach tends to be more of an instrumental one. What makes them interesting, however, is how they interpret the songs. They rarely play the song exactly how it is in the game itself. Instead they expand upon it and really make it their own. It’s very interesting. Here’s the NESkimos’ take on The Legend Of Zelda theme.

The Adventures of Duane and BrandO

These guys are probably my favorite band on this list. And one of my favorite bands just like…ever. Really. These guys add lyrics to the background music of tons of games, which would be awesome in and of itself. But that’s not enough, no. They make epic music videos to go along with the songs. Such as this one right here. This is Duane and BrandO’s Final Fantasy.


MadHatter is a freaking amazing rapper. He runs ScrubClub Records (a record label that contains an AMAZING artist by the name of Dr. Awkward. He’s not technically a VGM artist. But look him up.) Anyway, MadHatter. He’s a legit rapper who just decided to do an entire album of video game music. It’s one of the coolest things ever. Check out his synopsis of Metal Gear, “Operation N313”.


Oh, brentalfloss. What can you say about brentalfloss? He certainly takes himself the least seriously of all the artists here. He’s also probably the most well-known of these artists, having built himself a sizable fan base on Youtube. But those are not bad things. As awesome as D&B’s video is, it simply cannot compete with this amazing animation by Parker Simmons. This is Dr. Mario, as brought to you by brentalfloss.

The Megas

The MegasThe Megas are intense. In an amazing way. They have one album, made up entirely of songs from Mega Man 2. Which, as everyone knows, is the best Mega Man. Right? Right. What makes them different is the stories that they put into the songs. They add lyrics to the themes of the 8 Robot Masters and Mega Man, giving each a distinct backstory and personality. It has to be heard in it’s entirety to be appreciated, and I highly recommend picking up their album. Here’s their cover of the Wily’s Castle theme, “I Want To Be The One.”

Well there you go. 5 excellent bands that you should now be deeply in love with. Be sure to check out more videos by each artist, as I have only scratched the surface of their wonderment.




2 responses

12 10 2010
Matt Suppes

This is indeed astounding, especially Madhatter. I’m glad to have more sexy men writing for this site.

25 10 2010
Playstation 4

Excellent article, thanks for sharing this!

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