Web Wednesday!

13 10 2010

I have no idea if I will do this every Wednesday. I honestly just have a thing for alliteration. Anyway. Here’s some websites that should be added to your bookmarks/favorites/whatever you use.

(Side note: If you use Firefox,  i.e. you are not a caveman, check out the app Speed Dial. Amazing little thing. Whenever you open a new tab you get a customized window with little boxes for your most visited sites. It is difficult to describe. Check it out.)

Anyway, onwards.


Cracked is a wonderfully entertaining humor website that I make sure to read daily.  Cracked used to be a “eh” magazine that was essentially the same as Mad Magazine. Now, as Mad Magazine is slowly dying, Cracked is rising in popularity as a comedy website.  Every day Monday through Friday, there is generally one article, in the format of “The top 5 blanks that blankity blankity blank.”  These are always excellent. There is also a daily blog post by one of the editors, which are usually even better than the articles. The third item is usually a video, webcomic, or contest of some sort. Everything on the website rarely fails to be hilarious, and clicking through random articles will keep you entertained for hours.

TV Tropes

WARNING. TV Tropes will ruin your life. TV Tropes is like Wikipedia, but better. It’s a wiki collection of various media “tropes”, or those familiar things you see in all the movies you watch and video games you play. There are essentially two kinds of articles: Articles about movies/TV/games/books, with lists of tropes featured, and articles about tropes, with lists of movies/TV/games/books in which they are featured. Here’s a general idea of how you get sucked into TV Tropes. You’re going to go there and type in your favorite movie, or whatever. This pulls up the list of all the tropes featured in said movie, and then you click on one of those tropes, maybe to see other movies it is in, maybe because you think you know a movie that will be listed. Then you click that movie. This process repeats, FOREVER. Seriously. Don’t click that link if you have things to do.

11 Points

This is a great website that I’ve been following since a while after it started. It’s a semi-regularly updated blog by a very funny guy. It’s just lists of 11 things, generally completely random, such as “11 Companies That Surprisingly Collaborated With The Nazis.” It’s always hilarious to read, and he needs more readers. So go!




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