A Formal Introduction of Myself.

16 10 2010

My name is James Fischer. I enjoy crazy hipster/indie/metal music and will play any type of game. For example, the video games I am currently engaged in are: Final Fantasy (NES), F.E.A.R 2 (PS3), Legend of Zelda 2 (NES), and The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap(GBA). Well, that did not display my diverse gaming at all; 2 out of the 4 are Zeldas, I love the Zelda series. If I could marry a series of games, without there being any backlash, or the obvious lack of child bearing capabilities, I would. But I digress; I really do enjoy Zelda. That being said, my favorite video game since I began gaming to this period in my life, would most likely be Okami. Such an amazing game. But a review for that particular game will come later in my series of posts.

I also enjoy reading, and will most likely post a few blogs rating and discusses novels, poems, etc. The other people running this blog tend to loan me a gracious amount of reading material, so I will always have something to discuss in that aspect.

My one true love, over everything that has been mentioned here, must be hipster clothing. I love cardigans, vests, band shirts, etc. I love dressing up classy, and feeling like I am a man of class, when in reality I am a crude and rather terrible person. I hope you enjoy my blogs that will come in the future, as I am sure they will be the Godliest things your puny, peon eyes have ever laid their sights on.





One response

16 10 2010
Trevor Mitchell

You said “3 out of 5.” You listed 4 games and 2 of them were Zeldas.

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