The Week Ahead: Oct. 17-23

16 10 2010

[A lot of exciting things are happening this week in the world of entertainment, guys. Click the jump to read about Fallout, Paranormal Activity 2, Fallout, Mizzou, Fallout, and Kirby. And Fallout.]


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.



Movies Opening This Week:

  • Paranormal Activity 2: To be perfectly honest, I didn’t see the original Paranormal Activity, I do not plan on seeing it any time soon, and will not see this sequel. The original, which is probably just fine, became hugely popular thanks to a viral advertising campaign, serious word-of-mouth hype, and big success at a lot of film festivals. Ultimately, the film became one of the most profitable movies ever considering the tiny budget used and how much cash it would end up earning. The sequel, which will include such popular actors as Baby and Dog, is probably going to end up being a quick scheme to capitalize on the original’s success, but if it turns out to be well received, then I guess I’ll just shut my mouth.
  • Hereafter: [Quick rant: I’m still pissed that Clint Eastwood didn’t get an Oscar of any sort for his film Gran Torino. Everyone was so touchy-feely about how much of a foul-mouthed, racist kook Eastwood’s character was that they forgot to see the movie for what it really is; A touching film about the challenges of being old and unwanted, and about growing up/ showing your softer side. It was my favorite film of the decade, it may have been Eastwood’s last acting role, and he deserved at least 5 f*cking Oscars for it. Back to our regular programming.] Clint Eastwood gets back together with ‘Invictus’ star Matt Damon to do Hereafter, a supernatural film following three different stories (Damon as a man who can speak with the dead, a reporter that survives a tsunami, and a boy trying to contact his twin brother, who is killed in an auto accident.) that eventually converge. Looking back at Eastwood’s last 7 or so films, from Mystic River to Hereafter, there isn’t one that hasn’t been generally well received. So far critics are showing mixed reactions, but I trust that Eastwood’s film is probably a safer film to see than Paranormal Activity 2 or…
  • Knucklehead (limited): WWE wrastler’ Big Show plays a slow guy who fights MMA to save the church orphanage. ALL RIGHT!!! *Breaks table over head, throws midget through a wall.

Video Games:

  • Fallout: New Vegas (Xbox 360, PS3, PC): That sound you just heard? That’s the sound of me screaming like a 12 year old Justin Bieber fan because I am so damn excited about FNV. You basically get everything that made Fallout 3 such a fabulous game, and then you get new characters, enemies, and factions (Including badass, futuristic greasers), and a brand new setting of (duh) New Las Vegas, which supposedly has more non-destroyed buildings and trees, big flashing lights, and plenty of places to gamble and get drunk. Sign me up, baby!
  • Kirby’s Epic Yarn (Wii): Kirby’s Epic Yarn is the first of a long line of highly anticipated releases for the Wii, which has really, really been letting down fans of games that don’t involve the use of Mii avatars, which is approximately 1 billion people. In case you aren’t much of a problem solver, the game is a platformer in which you control Kirby, only this time everything is yarn/ yarn-related items. You use yarn powers to kill yarn enemies and traverse yarn-like levels. It looks very nice, but according to Gamespot is kind of a cakewalk. Bummer.

Sport Matchups of the Week:

  • Texas Rangers v. NY Yankees/ SF Giants v. Philadelphia Phillies: I think we all know who we want to win these match-ups. The Yankees continued to piss 97% of Americans off to no end by sucking for 7 innings and then using the final two to take game one against Texas. Meanwhile, super-hyped Lincecum/ Halladay duel is tonight, and if we’re lucky, then the big ugly one one will win it for his team (Psst, that’s Lincecum).

  • Oklahoma v. Mizzou(!) (Oct 23. on ABC): Well folks, the boys in black and gold are 6-0 for the fifth time in school history, and now we’re looking at potentially one of the biggest home games in Columbia, as Top-10 OU plays against the Tigers during Homecoming weekend. It’s going to be big, it’s going to be loud, and I may be there in the stands. If not, then maybe I’ll liveblog the game. Eh, we’ll see. All I know is that if you aren’t rooting for the Tigers on Saturday, then you need to seriously reconsider what you’re doing with your life. Sooners? More like “Soon-to-be-beatens”, amirite? *Looks for somebody to high-five, finds nobody.


Do this to OU, please



Seeya next week!




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