Halloween Suggestions: Day 1

20 10 2010

Halloween. A Nightmare on Elm Street. Friday the 13th. What do they have in common? Yes, they’re wonderful movies, and should be seen by everyone many times. But the problem is that everyone has seen them. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t seen at least one of those three classics. So what so you do when you’re choosing movies for your Halloween party? I’m about to tell you.

Session 9

If anyone has heard of Session 9, it’s probably because of this.

Surprisingly, this wonderful scene is in no way indicative of the rest of the movie’s quality. And that quality is it being incredibly freaking terrifying. I don’t get scared by many things. The list of things that have made me legitimately afraid to leave my room at night, I can count on one hand. This is one of them. The movie avoids relying on blood, and instead shoves in as much slow-building psychological terror as physically possible. The movie focuses on a cleaning crew removing asbestos from an abandoned mental hospital, and telling you any more about the plot would take away from the experience. It may not be your average Halloween movie, but it’s definitely worth checking out.

Tomorrow: 2 books to keep you awake, wondering what that noise was.




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