Web Wednesday! Nerds, Corgis, and Steven Seagal

20 10 2010

[That’s right mofos, Web Wednesday has survived for 2 weeks now. That’s better than most wild kittens can say. This week doesn’t just have some awesome sites that you need to check out, but also some fabulous videos and gifs! – Suppes]

Awesome Sites

  • Unreality Unreality is a site that posts a lot of very random things, from reviews to lists, galleries of modded NES’s to galleries of above average women in cosplay, to just random videos and Photoshop pictures. The structure usually involves a few lists, some pictures/galleries, a review or two, some more random things, and then a clusterf*ck of links at the end of the work day. This hodgepodge of entertainment stuff is one of my main influences for starting this little venture, and I usually stop by every other day to soak in the glorious pop culture randomness of it all. Unreality is a kind of an underrated site, but it’s on the rise, and you should definitely check it out!
  • Filmdrunk Like movies? Like getting movie news? Like getting movie news but hate the no-nonsense presentation? Like things like MMA, corgis, and offensive jokes about everything? Then dag-nabbit, you need to start reading more Filmdrunk! Filmdrunk (Along with sister sites like Warming Glow, With Leather and Gamma Squad) is a pretty popular movie site nowadays, and it’s easy to see why. Vince Mancini not only gives you the news that you want to read, he delivers it in a goofball/ douchebag fashion that amuses me to no end. It’s pretty much become the only site I go to for anything movie-related, outside of Unreality, and the site as a whole is just all kinds of wonderful. The commenters are batshit insane and super funny (Some are even semi-famous on the internet, such as the creators of the fake Gary Busey Twitter), the articles are well-written and still newsworthy while adding some doses of college-style humor in, and it also is home to one of the most ridiculously entertaining podcasts around. And if Filmdrunk isn’t your mug of Four Loko, then try it’s uber-nerdy counterpart, Pajiba.
  • Rock M Nation – Rock M Nation is one of approx. 240 sports blogs on the massive site SB Nation, and it mainly concerns all things Missouri Tigers. Rock M is incredibly informative, dedicated, and fun to read. The main writers, Bill Connelly (Not to be confused with the British comic) and Ross Taylor (RPT) are involved with Mizzou Journalism in some way, shape, or form, and post a variety of pieces on all Mizzou sports (Specifically football and basketball, of course), and they usually involve some pretty insane stats, specifically the BTBS system that (I think) Bill C. helped create. Outside of the normal sports news articles, there is an incredibly involved community of fans that post their own links, stories, and other fun things. Most importantly, Rock M manages to have a lot of fun with the site, and you can find lots of caption contests, funny posts, and photoshop memes in the mix of the site. If you aren’t a Missouri fan, then I bet you can find your favorite sports teams on its parent site, SB Nation.

[Click the jump to see my current favorite GIFs and internet videos.]

GIFs of the Week

From one of the only good Snickers commercials ever, Patrick Ewing reminds us that he can still stomp Whitey. Great for message board dissing.

This GIF of The Jesus’ famous hip thrust has made the rounds on both Unreality and Filmdrunk this week, but I’ve been using it on SB Nation blogs since last year. You may garner hundreds of thousands of hits, but I’ve got you one-upped on this one muthaf*ckas!


[The Steven Seagal GIF was deleted! Damn you, internet.]

Video of the Week

What, you’ve seen this one already? Well I don’t f*ckin’ care, EXCUSE ME!




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18 11 2010
brandon swarthout

I heard they’re coming out with FIVE Loko!!! This cartoon I’ve made explains the FOUR LOKO CONSPIRACY…

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