Suppes’ Halloween Goodies: Dead Space

21 10 2010

[Alec brought up the fact that it’s the 13 days of Halloween yesterday, and Trevor proceeded to unofficially kick off what should be a week of posts with a Halloween theme to it. For my first contribution to the festivities, I bring you a game that should give you a nice dose of the heeby-jeebies. Read more after the jump.]


Dead Space: Over the next 13 days, you can probably expect a lot of blogger love towards a variety of classic horror games, specifically ones that rhyme with Violent Pill (Copyright me. You bastards can’t use this as your band name). Before I let Trevor, Jimmy, and Alec get to man-crushing on those games, let me tell you about one of my favorite horror video games, Dead Space.

Dead Space isn’t the most groundbreaking survival-horror game of all time, and as a matter of fact is pretty damn similar to Resident Evil 4 in terms of gameplay. Essentially, you control Isaac Clarke over-the-shoulder style, traversing a derelict spacecraft that is essentially devoid of human life… kind of. It turns out that an alien virus has spread aboard the ship, turning human corpses into violent Necromorphs, whose only purpose is to create new corpses to be infected, and it’s pretty easy to do that when you have three meter spikes jutting out of both hands.

As I said before, Dead Space isn’t too terribly original; You go through dimly-lit areas, try your best to escape the ship in one piece while also figuring out how the hell of this happened. The controls are eerily similar to RE4… actually, they’re damn near identical, and if you’re playing on Easy mode, then you can expect to be just fine since there is plenty of ammo around to pick up.

That said, Dead Space has far more things to appreciate than to nitpick over. While a lot of gameplay elements are similar to the new Resident Evil games, Dead Space does incorporate a strategical dismemberment system that is a little more unique in the world of shoot-em-in-the-head horror games. The weapons are incredibly gruesome to use (I have a hard time thinking that a remote control saw-blade was used as a tool for craftsmen before the Necromorphs came.), and the amount of blood and guts that enemies spew out is equally gross, but I’m too busy yelling in triumph to notice… I won’t talk about the almost urinating myself part.

The Necromorphs, while not the most frightening video game monsters of all time (I think everyone on the blog agrees that the honor there goes to Schmilent Schmill.), are still pretty damn scary, especially when they’re barreling at you at 3 in the morning. They’re like of a mix between the infected from 28 Days Later and Xenomorphs in the Alien movies. Throw in the requisite mutant babies, little swarming f*ckers and gargantuan bosses, and you have one of the better groups of horror game baddies around.

Dead Space isn’t quite the psychological mindf*ck that the previously mentioned games are, but as far as games that make you pause to catch your breath, get all tense, and then make you scream like the little girl that you are, Dead Space is in the upper tier, and is a must have for fans of all horror-survival games.

[For the next installment of Suppes’ Halloween Goodies, hide your chicken scissors, because the Triangles are coming.]



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