Halloween Suggestions: Day 3

22 10 2010

It’s Day 3 of my Halloween extravaganza! Today we discuss video games. I know I’ve been trying to not showcase well-known things, but screw it, there aren’t that many scary video games. Here we go!

Resident Evil 4

I love this game so, so much. So they changed the camera angles. So they changed the controls scheme. So they added the merchant to buy weapons.

RE4 Merchant


Who cares about all that stuff? It doesn’t matter, because the game is AMAZING. There’s a reason it won every award they make for gaming. Anyway, the scariness. This game scared me when I was like 12, and thus, it still scares me now. Being chased by a man with a burlap sack on his head waving a chainsaw is not something that just becomes normal. It’s got a well-plotted story with far better voice acting than this series deserves, and if you somehow have not played it, you need to.

Chainsaw Squared


[More games after the jump!]


I’ve talked about F.E.A.R. and how incredibly terrifying it is. It hasn’t changed. F.E.A.R. was the first game to make me quit playing in the middle of it simply because of how scary it was. Yeah, Alma is pretty scary, but everyone knows about her. The really creepy part is the Replica Assassins. They’re only present in one part of the game, but once I passed that part, I spent the rest of the playtime fearing that they would return. Why?

There are two Assassins in this picture.

THEY’RE FREAKING INVISIBLE. See that barely noticeable distortion in the air? That’s an assassin! They come out of the ceiling tiles, hang on the walls- oh that’s right, I forgot that part. They’re invisible and they stick to walls. And they’re terrifyingly fast. They’re essentially ninjas. And they torment you, just bursting from ceilings and slapping you with their electric hands. Yeah, they’re electric. They’re superheroes. Good luck!

Silent Hill 2

Pyramid Head


Silent Hill 2…there is so much to be said about Silent Hill 2. At some point I will probably do a master’s thesis on the game in a blog post. Until then, we’ll focus on the terror it instills. This is by far the scariest game that I have ever had the pleasure to play. It’s most definitely scarier than any movie that I’ve ever seen. In short, it is incredibly goddamn scary. It will make you scared to leave your room. You will keep lights near you for days. You will not want to be alone. This, like F.E.A.R, was a game I had to turn off in terror. I got about an hour into the game…over the course of about five days. It will wreck you.

Now everyone knows who Pyramid Head is. But if you haven’t played the game, you don’t understand the terror he brings. Pyramid Head comes at the times you are least worried about anything happening. You know how you play a horror game, and it builds up the tension, and builds it, and builds it, and then…nothing? But then right after the nothing, scary things happen? Silent Hill does that, but then after the nothing, more nothing. Then, half an hour later, with no buildup at all, Pyramid Head just drops in to say hi. And you absolutely freak out. I know. It’s happened to me. It will happen to you. That is, if you play it. Which you should. Really. Go buy it. It’s pretty cheap.




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23 10 2010
Matt Suppes

Whadda you buyin’, strangah?

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