Top 4 Games That Make Me Weep. (SPOILERS)

24 10 2010

People weep at novels, poems, movies, deaths, births, songs; you name it. I cry at the plots of video games. Once in awhile a plot comes along or a point in a plot that makes me curl up in the fetal position and wet the ground with my sweet sweet tears. These are those games:

#4) The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Uhhh. Okay.

When you first came to meet Midna, she was obnoxious and rude. Demanding this and that of you. Constantly yipping at  you to go somewhere or do something. But as the story progresses, and you learn her story and you spend more time with her bouncing around on your back and creeping in your shadow, you grow to like her. By the end of the game, you enjoy her as a partner, and you realize you would not be at the end without her help. After you defeat Ganon, she transforms into some sort of oddly sexy emo chick. So you have come to really enjoy the company of this weird being. Then she leaves. She leaves in one of the most depressing manners: destroying the remaining portal into your world with one of her own tears. Leaving you alone, at the end of another adventure. Thanks Navi Midna. We’ll miss you.

Twilight women. AmIright?

#3) Silent Hill 2 And Silent Hill: Origins.

Easy James. Let's think about this.

You run through the bloodiest and most frightening scenes you thought one town could possibly contain. Not quite a moving story so far, except for the letter read at the beginning. Yeah, your wife is dead. So what? There is always some lonely guy pining after his dead wife. Except for the most part, there is not some wicked beast with a pyramid on his head chasing them with some giant blade. For the most part, the story line is mostly “blahblahblahmywifediedblahblah”. As the game progresses, you really start to like James. Even after a nasty stripper who so happens to look like a slutty version of your dead wife comes around, the story is still at touch sad. Thank God this disgusting woman is dead-oh wait, there she is again. But soon you realize there is  something wrong here. And soon your character is alone in a hotel room, watching a video tape of his past. He holds a pillow to his wife’s face, killing her; the same woman you’re spent the entire game attempting to save, with James in denial of his past. SO DEPRESSING. Also, like a prostitute in your brain, a total mind blower. One of the main characters, although dead, was murdered by the character you’re playing. Crazy.

He didn't even roll up his damn sleeve.

Silent Hill: Origins. I’ll make this short since the last one was so long. I think the Travis Grady is one of the greatest protagonists ever. He has had such a troubled past, but is a genuinely nice guy; he even saved a girl from a fire. Cool. But after you run through a sanitarium reading about an insane patient, who, in the end of that specific level turns out to be Travis’ mom, and you have to kill her beast form. So sad. In another level, you read articles about the suicide of a man, who, as in the sanitarium, turns out to be one of Travis’ parents; his father. His father hung himself, and the scene that shows the past when Travis discovered his father in a noose is horrendously depressing. Then you have to kill his father. Well, that’s sad. Also, in the good ending part of the game, as Travis walks away to his truck, the sun shines, and the flowers sprout, and Travis smiles. So happy I almost cried.

Harry's Father In a Flashback.

#2) The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Ezlo the Hat. My one complaint: When he talked it sounded like a drunken retch.

I loved this game. More than my future children who I won’t even love that much. But I digress, this is a great game. And even though you hardly spend much time talking to Ezlo the talking hat (Didn’t Hogwarts have one of those?); or at least not as much as you hear Navi or Midna yap, you begin to like him, he once in awhile makes a sarcastic comment or observes the situation and offers a bit of information. I have no idea why I wanted Ezlo so much, but he was an awesome talking-bird-hat-magician-wizard-midget-Minish thing. But I still was on the verge of tears when Ezlo transformed into his human form, and broke the news that he would be leaving. He even made Link a new hat with his magic powers. How sweet of him. The touching lines between Link and Ezlo are just that, touching. With dramatic pauses, this is just such a nice scene. I almost cried. And I AM AN EMOTIONAL STONE. It’s hard to phase me.

#1) Okami

Yes, it is insane that this is not a Zelda. But whatever. Issun. A whiny little artist bug who never stops talking and always drawn to whatever large breasted woman is near. He adds comic relief, and will help you when you are in need. Always being sarcastic and rude, you fall in love with the little insect. He’s with you through most of the story. But after the ark is risen from the lake, he leaves. HE FUCKING LEAVES. You fall in love with Issun, always there for comic relief, always there to comment on everything. He talks more than any companion character I have found yet. I was so close to crying at this part. So close. I didn’t cry when my grandma died, but so help me God I will cry if I ever watch that scene of Issun leaving again. Like I said before, I AM AN EMOTIONAL STONE. Ugh.  And then when Issun helps you during the boss battle, I was so elated I got tingly all over. Wonderful game. Wonderful scenes. Wonderful Issun.





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