Life-Size Gumby: A Matter of Dire Importance

27 10 2010


Alec, Gumby, and some sexy guy in plaid

My grandfather once told me that whenever an opportunity arises, you take it as soon as possible, lest you never get an opportunity at said event ever again. His hearing aid must have been turned off, because I had come to him to tell him that the backyard was on fire, but that’s beside the point. Anyways, when a friend of mine told me that he bought a life-size Gumby beanbag chair/thing (For only 2 dollars), I immediately jumped at the opportunity. Because seriously, how often does the opportunity to screw around with a life-size Gumby show up? Probably not too often. More pictures of me looking like a tard after the jump.



There, now you know that I love plaid flanel shirts and have trouble smiling like a normal person. The more you know!




2 responses

27 10 2010
Trevor Mitchell

Alec’s expression and general stance is that of a manly man in a musical about hard work.

27 10 2010
Matt Suppes

My lesbian haircut is hoooooooot. Oooh

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