The 5 Best Slender Man pictures.

27 10 2010

Slender Man is by far the most terrifying thing on the internet since this picture.

Pyramid Head


Slender Man is, depending on who you listen to, a terrifying figure who stalks and kills people, often children, in the creepiest way possible, or a figure invented on the Something Awful boards. (Hint: It’s the first one.)

To learn more about Slender Man, I implore you to watch the series entitled Marble Hornets that I posted in my 4th day of Halloween suggestions. Hopefully these pictures will get the word out about Slender Man.

[Catch the pics after the jump. To be honest, I’m scared shitless right now – Suppes]

Slender Man 1

This is absolutely just one of the creepiest things ever, in the history of ever. It’s foggy. The lights aren’t helping. It’s dark. There’s a figure in the distance. And something about him is…off.

Slender Man 2

You won’t see it immediately. But oh, it’s there. Just keep looking. Slender Man is often portrayed in the woods…but that doesn’t mean staying out of the woods keeps you safe. Ask Alex Kralie.

Slender Man 3

This picture was taken the day fourteen children vanished from this park. Also, in case the last two pictures didn’t make it clear…yeah. He’s got…extra appendages.

Slender Man 4

Another photo where Slender Man has saved you the trouble of looking for him and decided to just outright show you. Also, you can now see another one of his wonderful attributes…or rather, the lack of them. Also, does it seem to you like he’s getting closer every picture?

Slender Man 5





13 responses

12 11 2010
The Slender Man Mythos « The Media Experiment

[…] a while back I made a post called The 5 Best Slender Man pictures and it was rather popular. Lest you think that those pictures are the extent of Slender Man’s […]

8 12 2010
Steven Olsen

The thing about the Slenderman is, if you’ve heard of him, he’s probably already killed you.

8 12 2010
Trevor Mitchell

It’s a chance I’m willing to take.

8 12 2010
Trevor Mitchell

Plus, it’s not Slender Man you need to worry about. It’s Candle Jack. You screw around with him and you’re in for some serious trou

11 01 2011
James Fischer

11 01 2011
Matt Suppes

15 02 2011

When I was a small child, I would get reaccuring dreams of a tall figure in black, with no face. He would lean over my bed.
I called him “The Pale man” My father told me not to talk to him. To this day I still see him occasionally.

25 03 2011

O_O Really? O. M. G.

7 03 2011

It occurs to me that spreading Mr. Happy to anyone on the internet who wants to look might not be a good idea. Look what he’s done to the Marble Hornet’s crew or Logan or Zeke’s partner. Maybe he’s using the attention to get to you? Maybe he’s not meant to be seen? Hell, maybe he just wants to be left to his own devices and we’re forcing him to shut us up by bringing him up so often.

All I know is that the basket ball players over at the business college freak me out a little now.

25 03 2011

Yeah… I’m terrified. This is so scary. I will never go outside AGAIN!

9 06 2011
Running » Blog Archive » slender pictures

[…] The 5 Best Slender Man pictures. В« The Media Experiment Oct 27, 2010 … Another photo where Slender Man has saved you the trouble of looking for him and decided to just … […]

17 07 2011
lol. just lol

you guys are actually scared of this?
wow. thats really pathetic. i showed my 7 year old sister this and she thought it was cool. some of these comments show people believe in him? i hope they are joking…lul…pathetic

19 07 2011

It’s all in good fun, like campfire stories. Did you have your seven year old sister read and watch the entirety of the Slenderman mythos? Much scarier that way, much “oh shit” lulzier.

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