Web Wednesday: Arrested Development, Spiders, and Emails (From an A-Hole)

27 10 2010

[We’re slowly approaching the lifespan of a honeybee, folks! Hooray consistency!]

Awesome Sites

  • Don’t Even Reply (Emails From An A-Hole)Don’t Even Reply is a member of a special group of blogs that have managed to become so immensely popular that they got a book deal. Sites like DER (Hurrr), Stuff White People Like, Shit My Dad Says, and I Can Haz Cheez(hurr)ger can all be found at your local Borders’ pitiful humor section, but don’t think I’m dissing what is in reality an amazing site. Although it isn’t updated daily (Like most of the book deal blogs today), every email posted on the site is likely to send the reader into fits of laughter. It’s clearly obvious that the guy has a fabulous sense of humor and creativity (IE: His hidden weapons, fake baby crib, ect) and the process of finding an ad worth replying to and then turning it into a readable piece definitely takes a lot of work, but the end product is always fabulous.
  • Garfield Minus GarfieldDo I really need to explain it? It’s a blog that posts older Garfield comic strips, only Garfield isn’t there, and the end product shows the lonely, angsty product that is John Arbuckle. It can get fairly depressing at times, but usually it more often than not produces laughs (Or stifled chuckles. Or tears.)
  • Selleck Waterfall SandwichI envy whoever came up with the brilliance that is Selleck Waterfall Sandwich. Never has the beauty of waterfalls Tom Selleck, tastiness of sandwich Tom Selleck, and sheer awesomeness of Tom Selleck Tom Selleck been seamlessly combined into one beautiful product.

[Gifs and video of the week after the jump!]

GIFs of the Week: Arrested Development Addition!

[You get the idea. Here are a few Arrested Development GIFs that hypnotize and inspire us all.]

Video of the Week:

Again, not anything new or obscure, but anything involving a no nonsense narrator talking about pimp spiders automatically deserves a shoutout on this site.

Seeya next Wednesday, folks!




One response

28 10 2010

On one hand, it saddens me that up to this point in my life I somehow missed the awesomeness that is Selleck Waterfall Sandwich… But on the other hand… HEY LOOK SELLECK WATERFALL SANDWICH!!!

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