The Week Ahead: November 1-7

31 10 2010

[Folks, it’s been a pretty fun first month with The Media Experiment. I got four people to write with me, two of which are pretty consistent, the site’s had around 700 hits in about a half a month, which is fun for me at least, and people have found us searching things like ‘slender man’ and ‘bitch katherine heigl’. Time to start a new month, and the first week looks fairly interesting, including a new Goldeneye, Kinect, and Due Date. Read more after the jump!]


  • Due Date: The new vehicle for Zack Galifianakis and Robert Downey Jr. has all the ingredients for success, but I’m still wary about it. Even though Galifianakis and Downey Jr. are good comedic actors, and the film is directed by Todd Phillips, the director of films like Old School and The Hangover, the film appears to simply be a raunchier version of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. It’ll probably be worth the price of admission, but it probably won’t be anything groundbreaking.

  • Megamind: Dreamworks has been pretty damn successful with it’s line of animated films. Most of the movies aren’t necessarily on the level of Pixar good, but they’re consistently better than most of the dredge released in the world of kids entertainment. I’m sure this film will be just fine. On a more important note, there is no way Dreamworks isn’t giving their movie posters this face on purpose.
  • 127 Hours/ For Colored Girls: For you squares into dramatic movies, you can choose between Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours or Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls… Ok, I think you’ve made your decision by now. No real disrespect to Tyler Perry (maybe), but his movies have been consistently horrible. Meanwhile, Danny Boyle has released 28 Days Later, Trainspotting, Sunshine, and Slumdog Millionaire. 127 Hours is based on the true story of a hiker that got trapped under a boulder, was forced to amputate his arm, and then hike for eight miles before being rescued. Since we already know that the hiker (Played by James Franco) survives, you can bet that the film focuses on the survival and reflection of the man. The cast is solid, the director is legendary, and I bet the movie will be in the Oscar discussion. Also, upon watching the trailer for Perry’s film, it appears to be melodramatic poetry rape. You decide.

Video Games:

  • Xbox 360 Kinect Games: The Nintendo Wii managed to bring in a ton of bucks for it’s family friendly games focusing on use of the Wii-mote, and now Microsoft and Sony are bringing out they’re own versions of the Wii-mote. I don’t have many things to say since all this family-friendly crap doesn’t affect me, so let me direct over to this fabulous post by Unreality.
  • 007 Goldeneye (Wii): I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The Wii’s broken my heart time and time again, but a lot of games being released in the near future can turn my opinion back around. This Wii-make (Nyuk nyuk nyuk) looks fine and all, but I’m not going nuts over this one right now. Also, you really have to use the Daniel Craig Bond instead of Pierce Brosnan? Really? That ticks me off.

Sports Matchups of the Week:

  • The World Series (San Fransisco leads Texas 2-1): Yeah, I haven’t been paying attention to the Series, and it’s both because I’ve been pretty busy, and also probably because I’d rather see both teams win. Anyways, Brian Wilson has the most epic beard I think I’ve ever seen. It makes him look like a more athletic Zach Galifianakis.
  • TCU vs Utah (College Football): TCU and Boise State are hoping to finally get into the BCS National Championship, but the Horned Frogs have a lot more than a bad mascot holding them back. The Utes are number 8 in the nation, the game is at Utah, and you can bet your ass that they’re going to give TCU a run for their money. Chances are good that the Smurf Broncos will go undefeated, but if TCU can pull this one off and run the table, I’d say they are more deserving of a trip to the title game. That and I think Kellen Moore looks like a douche.

[Seeya next week!]




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