Movies That Matter: Week 1

1 11 2010

So, hey! I’m Jackie and I’m brand new and I’m sort of like “hey the Media Experiment, what’s happening?” I felt like I could have a place here because movies consume my life much like lions gnaw the shit out of zebras. It’s like we’re on one big safari all the time and you never know what movies are gonna pop up into your jeep. Some of them are really cute and you want to take them home with you, others are scary and you do not even want to see them again, some you feel the need to keep your distance from, and some are actually a really attractive tour guide who is just right for you. God, I’m so good at metaphors. But really, I love movies, and music (ok, I listen to Oldies, get off me), and I help myself to the occasional video game/computer game addiction. I thought I’d start off by talking to you about one of my favorite movies of all time, Some Like It Hot. Why? Find out after the jump.

Well, Some Like It Hot is on my list of movies that matter justifiabily because it is one of the greatest comedic films ever produced by American cinema, or if you maybe need a little more to go off of, because:

1)      AFI ranks it as #1 on AFI 100 Years…100 Laughs list (2000) and that’s no joke because it is the funniest movie I have ever seen that doesn’t rely on penis jokes. (Not that there’s anything wrong with a good penis joke, but sometimes it is nice for something more substantial, right?)

2)      Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis pull off drag better than anyone I know.  And it’s thanks to them and the classic success of this film that there’s been such an unending supply of actors putting on a dress and lipstick for  us to chuckle at. And everybody has a place in their hearts for Mrs. Doubtfire and Tootsie no matter who you are, and this was one of the first movies in American cinema to bring us this concept we love so much.

3)      Marilyn Monroe was probably the most adorable person ever. And she rocks the naïve girl bit from beginning to end.

4) Amazing writing and storytelling.  Billy Wilder, one of many who I consider a hero, works it in this and the acting just makes the love forest grow for this movie.

It really is an important movie to see. It’s one of several works that define Billy Wilder and just how masterful he was at filmmaking. The classic final line “Nobody’s perfect” is just modesty from an  incredible film in  every aspect. And that’s why this is a movie that matters.





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