Don’t Forget to Vote! My 5 Favorite Political Ads.

2 11 2010

Tomorrow, millions of people decide the final destiny of our country, and sweeping swaths of change will be made across the land…or no one at all will vote, and things will remain roughly the same. Or everyone will vote, and things will remain the same. Whichever you believe, you’ll enjoy these ads.

I’m Not A Witch

Say what you will about Christine O’Donnell’s politics…she is attractive. You can question the wisdom of bringing up the “witch issue”, but all it does is make me imagine her in a witch costume…which makes me want to register to vote in Delaware. O’Donnell for President!


I love this ad. It starts out like all political ads. Vague adjectives, good things about the candidate, Carly Fiorina…and then sheep. The sheep metaphor is…stretched, and eventually sheep just flash on the screen like the demon from The Exorcist. But go to 2:24 and watch.


This is how the ad represents Tom Campbell, a “FCINO” or Fiscal Conservative In Name Only…as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. But…a demon wolf with glowing eyes in a poorly made sheep costume. I love America.


A response from Tom Campbell to the above ad. Absolutely hilarious. It makes fun of the above ad’s horribly forced metaphor with it’s own sheep related story, actually making it funny instead of pathetically sad.

Dead Aim

Joe Manchin discusses how he’ll differ from Obama’s policies, even though he’s a Democrat. Okay, probably a good career plan in this election and as long as he actually believes in what he is doing and is not just trying to get re-elected…why does he have a rifle?

Oh. To shoot the Cap and Trade bill with. Of course.

What I’m Made Of

…she’s hot. Don’t judge me.




One response

2 11 2010

Trevor. You are creepy. SHE IS CREEPY.

“I’m you.”

What kind of slogan is that?

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