Web Wednesday: Wayne’s Whip My Hair, Sloths, Awkward Family Photos

3 11 2010

Awesome Sites:

  • Zero Out of Five: Inspiration to give this shout-out goes to Trevor, who put “babies” on a dingo food web for a class that we both attend. Zero Out of Five receives doodles, profanities, and smarmy comments on school papers from people all over America, and then uploads them for viewing pleasure. It’s not the prettiest blog around, but if you enjoy Narwhals as much as I do, then that shouldn’t be much of a problem.

  • Awkward Family Photos: You guys do know about this site, right? Yeah, I bet you do, it is one of those book blogs I mentioned in an earlier Web Wednesday. If you for some reason haven’t visited AFP before, click your way over there immediately. You may get the title, but you won’t know how truly awkward some of those families are until you have a good look through that site. My personal favorite is above, but trust me, there are literally hundreds of photos in there guaranteed to make milk shoot out of your nose.

[GIFs and video after the jump! Trust me, you want to see this.]

GIF’s of the Week:

Too cool to move.


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. [To the uninformed: Will Smith’s turned his entire family into a money machine. Nepotism rulz!]

Video of the Week:

This video and YO, SNORLAX F*CKIN’ OWNS prove that combining Pokemon with funny voices is almost always comedy gold.




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