DIY and Crafts: Star Wars Edition

4 11 2010

I really like DIY stuff. As such, I thought I’d talk to you about some cool crafts that are out and about on the internet that I’ve scavenged up. In the midst of trying to pick which ones where the most primo, I realized the Star Wars crafts are by far the most entertaining of anything else I could find. I’ll tell you straight up, I’ve only seen Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, so I’m not a big fan really. But these are some high quality Star Wars DIY tutorials and just crafts in general if I’ve ever seen any. Ready to check out some cool websites? I thought so.

1) Milk Jug Storm Trooper Mask

If you’re like me, you’re looking at this dying to know what it’s made out of because it does not seem real that somebody made this out of just whatever lying around their house and there is really an adorable little girl wearing it. If that’s you, take a look at this and collapse to the ground with awe as you realize that sometimes moms may actually be cool. Check it out here

Also, more Star Wars win from this blog:

Um, yea, light sabres out of balloons are undoubtedly really epic.

2) Lego Star Wars Guns:

Here’s the most serious little kid telling you all about how to make pretty cool looking storm trooper Lego guns if he says so himself. I’m not sure how cool these guns actually are. However, I found this video still entertaining in its professional information on how to build these guns and moreover, that there is highly specific Star Wars Lego lingo you need to be down on to complete this.

3) Yoda Origami

Like, I know that personally this would be a real challenge for me because I fail so much at doing origami. But still, I’m looking at this tutorial going “hey maybe I could do this” because it is pretty thorough in telling you how to make a little Yoda out of origami. Just a thought, you know?

There’s just  a lot of good star wars things out there. I highly suggest you spend some time on The Official Star Wars Blog but in the meantime, here’ s just a collection of really amazing people who projected their Star Wars love to the world:

College Prank Win:

This little baby went down at Carleton College. Too bad I’ve never heard of that school; it’s probably a rockin place.

And here is the most epic thing I’ve ever seen…the crocheted masterfulness right here is “I just ate 3,000 cookies and gained 0 pounds” good. Since I am a god at crocheting, I’m putting this on my list of things to learn how to crochet ASAP! The tutorial is right here.

The only problem: I don’t speak crocheting code along with star wars Lego code either. Man, that’s rough.

And to leave you with some food for thought for this holiday season:




That’s right, what better way to celebrate the time of giving than with a commemorative wreath compiled of all those extra Star Wars action figures I know you have stashed away. (Except, I’m a girl, so that’s zero actions figures for me; sad day).

See how to make this great holiday decoration on the Star Wars website.

Hope you got some intense inspiration from this, or at least some mild entertainment, and may the crafting force be with you!

-Jackie Land




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