Squidward Tentacles: Behind the Nose.

4 11 2010

The Methamphetamines have taken a drastic toll on Squidward's mental health.

Squidward Tentacles: Angry, angsty, drug addict, and abuser of the mentally unstable. In this article, I observe the many issues that Squidward has with others, and within himself.

Squidward-The antagonist in the popular children’s show Spongebob Squarepants. While I like to think of Plankton as the antagonist of the show, most people also view Squidward as the antagonist. Squidward is just awful. He verbally and physically abuses Spongebob and Patrick.

Honestly, it seems to me that Spongebob and Patrick have some sort of mental disability, and Squidward abuses them both. He complains and complains about his life. Constantly. Yet, he does nothing about it. He has quit his fast food job as a cashier, and wound up homeless. Who the hell is that bad at life? That is not how the economy works. Possibly, the Bikini Bottom economy is terrible enough that even though Squidward has quit the Krusty Krab gig multiple times, he comes crawling back every time. He whines about his annoying neighbors constantly; if they are such a burden on his life, then why can’t he move away? Yes, I understand that he moved to Tentacle Acres at one point in time, but he did not enjoy it because every single inhabitant was like him; rude, caustic, and bitter. If Squidward moved to somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, he would be perfectly happy. Spongebob and Patrick bother him to no end, and Tentacle Acres was like living with a large clan of his clones. So if he found a nice average, he would be fine. One thing I truly despise about Squidward is the fact that he is so full of himself. He really thinks he is the greatest gift to God’s blue ocean. Yet he is awful at everything he does. He only paints self-portraits in which the style has been used millions of times before. His clarinet playing is dreadful, yet he believes he is just so amazing.

Possibly, he could spend less time yelling at Spongebob and Patrick, and more time working on perfecting his hobbies. Squidward thinks he is just so good, yet he works a mundane job at a fast food restaurant with a stereotypical Jewish penny-pinching crab and a mentally unstable sea sponge. I fail to see how he could be so full of himself, yet be so bad at everything he does. He is so rude to everyone because he is so pompous and full of himself. Honestly. He spends large amounts of time in his house. And when he actually does get out of his home, he is rude to everyone he sees and he sleeps constantly at work. Sounds like withdrawal to me. He spends large amounts of time in his house everyday. What is he doing in there? Obviously he is not practicing his clarinet or painting, or else he would be better at those tasks than he already is. So I believe that Squidward Tentacles is addicted to some sort of hard drug, such as heroin or meth. Look at the picture I posted of him. Look at his wild and crazy eyes, the inability to control his own saliva, and the fact he is nude and screaming. Obviously under the influence of some sort of illegal substance. When he does go into public, he is obviously experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Possibly, Spongebob, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, and Patrick need to find some sort of help for him. Squidward needs professional help. He is addicted to God knows what. He works a fast food job, and cannot move out of his home. Where does all that money go? Hard drugs. That’s where that money goes. Squidward’s friends need to find him help, and help Squidward turn his life around. He could live such a happier life if he dropped the drugs, saved up his money, moved away, and found a different job. Honestly. Squidward needs a life changer. He is obviously mentally unstable and depressed. Just listen to his emotionally dead tone of voice, and how he constantly is ranting about how bad his life is. He needs to man up and turn his life around. But with his current views on life, Squidward will never be able to do this.

I am disgusted by Squidward and the way he treats others. And I believe that he will never be able to make a full recovery from his drug addiction and his mental instability. I believe that Squidward Tentacles belongs in some type of mental institution, and requires an immense amount of help and therapy. Thank you for your time everyone.

Okay, he is hot...



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