The Week Ahead: Nov 8-14

7 11 2010

[That’s right people, we have one of the biggest video-game franchises of the 21st Century returning to rake in more cash  this Tuesday in Call of Duty: Black Ops. Along with that big piece of news, we have Conan’s new show, Humans vs aliens, Brady vs Big Ben, and Denzel vs Train. Read up after the jump!]


  • Skyline: While the special effects look pretty darn good, there appears to be many reasons to avoid this movie. The script was penned by two guys that have never made a movie script before, and the dialogue looks super crappy (“A gun? Really?” A gun works better than a rape whistle, lady). Along with that, adding bad actors with a bad script doesn’t help either. Some credits for leading man Eric Balfour: Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, The O.C., Rise of the Gargoyles, and Dinoshark. I also refuse to see anything that may ruin my perception of Donald Faison, AKA Turk from Scrubs.
  • Morning Glory: Rachel McAdams (Who is as cute as an attractive lady) finds love and turmoil on the set of a talk show. Shocking.  Ten bucks says this one will ride on “Look, Harrison Ford’s being a grumpy old guy!” for all of the comedy. Ten bucks says he won’t kick as much ass as Kung-Fu Preacher.
  • Unstoppable: THIS TRAIN IS F*UCKING UNSTOPPABLE. IT’S A MISSILE, BUT IT’S STILL A TRAIN. EXPLOSION DENZEL BOOM TRAINS TRAINS TRAINS. If this movie is actually good, I’ll probably be in the fetal position for a good week or so.

Video Games:

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops (Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii-ish): Call of Duty is the biggest thing in gaming right now, and for good reason. The multiplayer is simply the best around, and you can bet your ass I’ll be buying it with everyone else so that I can do that. Everyone bitched and moaned about Treyarch’s World At War installment of the series, but this Cold War Era COD looks very, very entertaining. New features include a gun that shoots knives, a currency system, and plenty of other crazy things to do on multiplayer. The only complaint that I have is that I still share games with my kid bother. He’s 13, he changed my gamertag from Soupdawg1012 to CrAzYnUbEr (Ugh), and he’s better than me (UGH).


  • Conan (TBS): Do the world a big favor and watch this show, starting tomorrow. Thanks to support from the younger demographic of TV watchers and bloggers, Conan has become an American hero of sorts, but if his new show doesn’t beat NBC (Leno, specifically) then all of the Conan hype will be for not. I’m with Coco, are you?

Sports Matchups of the Week:

  • Patriots vs Steelers: FOOTBALL! It’s the pretty-boy versus the accused rapist in this clash of polar opposites! I’d rather see an airplane crash into the stadium and kill only Brady and Roethlisberger, but I digress…

  • Celtics vs Heat (Thursday): The Heat aren’t going to be topping the old Bulls for the best-ever record in the NBA, but they still look pretty exceptional. Meanwhile, the Celtics, which probably qualify for my list of ass-kicking elderlies, look like they’re going to have a pretty good first half of the season. Rajon Rondo is a monster. That said, I don’t know how the Big Three are going to be able to handle a full season. Cialis won’t keep you smiling for 100+ games.

Seeya next week, folks!




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