Music Recommendation: The Vitamin String Quartet

8 11 2010

The Vitamin String Quartet, besides just being awesome, is a cover band for rock hits but (here comes the twist) with string instruments. Think of a song that you love, and imagine it mellowed down exponentially. That would give you something like this:

Know what I’m saying? While I cherish the classic rock hits as they are, this is still hilarious. I mean, I could try to be serious and say that it makes you appreciate the music more than just the lyrical aspect. But really, it’s just fun to listen to something familiar and give it this classy feel. It’s fersure a riot. Here’ s a few more of my faves after the jump.

This song is amazing on its own, and this just becomes increasingly funny as it gets to the crazy lyrics that everyone  makes up.

This song defines my music taste, as it is one of the songs I was pretty much required to memorize and love as a small child. Sentimental about it definitely. Are you digging it yet?

So fantastic. There’s a massive amount of covers this group has done, so it’s not just classic rock. Coldplay, Paramore, Green Day, Aerosmith, the Rolling Stones, Jimmy Eat World, Weezer, and the Beach Boys are just a glimpse of other bands they’ve paid tribute to. String Quartets FTW.




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