My 5 (+1) Favorite Music Videos!

10 11 2010

What do these guys have in common with The Village People? You'll see soon enough...

And in no particular order, here are the greatest music videos your pathetic eyes will ever lay their sights on!

Missed the Boat-Modest Mouse

This is just a cute story about a robot who leaves his home and goes on adventures. All kinds of emotions. Also it’s a wonderful song, and Modest Mouse is a wonderful band. I just like the creativeness of the whole video.

Oh Lord-Foxy Shazam

The world’s coolest man, Eric Sean Nally, running around in tights with big-bootied-black-basketball-women? Nothing better. The song is inspirational and nice, obviously dedicated to a young child. It is just so full of energy, and just entertaining to watch. Also Nally has a rockin’ ‘stache.

Do You?-Portugal. The Man.

I own every album produced by this band. I love them. I also have a thing for music videos that after the first time you watch them, you just go, “What the hell just happened?” So you watch it thirty other times. This is a trippy music video, made by a trippy band. This song is beautiful, and the video is wonderfully entertaining.

Dani California-The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Yes. They are pretending to be a lot of bands. All around entertaining. Just watch the video. Just wonderfully done, with amazing style. I have watched this hundreds of times.


Limb From Limb-Protest the Hero

Yes. A metal band doing a hilarious video mocking The Village People. Just hilarious and entertaining. And a damn good song to boot. This homoerotic video might just be the coolest thing ever. Period.

Also: This!

Plea For Purging-Malevolence




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