Web Wednesday: Bat-Pug, Failbook, Crappy Taxidermy

10 11 2010

Awesome Sites:

  • GraphJam: There are two websites belonging to the Cheezburger internet empire that are consistently funny, and GraphJam is one of them. Thanks to that friendly Cheezburger graph maker, now everyone can show the world funny things about life, pop culture, and other things in graph form. The results are usually humorous, at least more humorous than something like this. Ugh.
  • Failbook: Remember when I said that there are two good Cheezburger sites? This is the other site, and to be quite honest, it’s my favorite of the awful Facebook status sites. Facebook can be the bane of some people, but luckily there are sites like Failbook for the semi-intelligent people that love to laugh at the idiocy of others…
  • Crappy Taxidermy: This site is beautiful… beautiful enough to hunt, tan, and stuff. I’m going to have it in the corner of my living room in a fist-pumping pose.

[GIFs and videos after the jump!]

GIFs of the Week

I should just stop right now…

Why can’t the World Cup be every year?

Video of the Week: Bat-Pug

Fact: A person with that sound seared into their mind is 300% more likely to not get cancer, but 70% more likely to spend their later years in an asylum.

Seeya next Wednesday!




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