The Slender Man Mythos

12 11 2010

So a while back I made a post called The 5 Best Slender Man pictures and it was rather popular. Lest you think that those pictures are the extent of Slender Man’s reign, here are several investigations, encounters, and just plain terrifying recordings of Slender Man’s activities.

(Obviously, on all Youtube channels, scroll down to the very bottom of the Uploads list and watch the videos from the bottom up.)

Marble Hornets

This is the big one, the first known video recording of Slender Man. Marble Hornets was a student film being made by Alex Kralie, but abandoned for unknown reason. The Youtube channel is his friend looking over the tapes and recording what he sees. It’s…disturbing. Marble Hornets is currently not uploading…but that’s likely to change soon.


Noah Maxwell’s cousin Milo overdoses on medication and dies. Noah uploads footage from the last time he saw Milo alive as a memorial. He finds some things in there he didn’t notice when he was taping Milo. He starts to notice some things around himself as well. TribeTwelve is ongoing, and in fact posted a new video half an hour ago.

Everyman HYBRID

Everyman HYBRID is three guys making an exercise blog about how to eat right, work out, and generally stay healthy. Nothing can go wrong with that, right? …right? Everyman HYBRID is currently ongoing.

Just Another Fool

Just Another Fool is a blog about a guy named Logan, whose friend Matt was in Iraq and came back with PSTD as the only survivor of an attack on his squad. He killed himself, and Logan came into possession of a notebook Matt had been writing in. Incredibly worth reading. Just Another Fool is not currently updating.

Seeking Truth

To tell you the truth, I haven’t read any of this one at all, and am just about to start it. Join me, won’t you?




2 responses

2 12 2010

Slenderman isn’t real. It is completely made up.

6 02 2011
Justin wright

I do believe in the slender man! Everybody thinks im crazy but even if the people who saw him were on drugs they wouldnt have the same description plus it dosent explain the dissapearences. Maby some of it was added to make a story but there is something out there. I believe in alot of supernatural things and as nobody can prove it or disprove it i dont think they are crazy!

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