The Week Ahead: Nov 15-21 (College Basketball!)

14 11 2010

[This week is all about the newest Harry Potter movie, which comes out Friday. Why are people getting so pumped when it isn’t even the last movie? Other than the fact that it’s Harry Potter, of course. I guess I’m just tired. Anyways click the jump to read about HP, Assassin’s Creed, The Next Three Days, and Patriots v. Colts. Oh, and the greatest sport of all time kicks off this week… COLLEGE BASKETBALL! Let’s go!]

Kimmie English is ready to play ball



  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: The beginning of the end begins Friday. As much as I like how more of the story will be put into the movies by splitting the final installment into two parts, but that doesn’t hide the fact that the main hope is to rack in record amounts of cash. I don’t know, I guess I’m just tired of the franchise in general, but I bet the movie will still be good.
  • The Next Three Days: I care very little about this film, which should be the case with the rest of America as Harry Potter opens the same weekend. This movie shouldn’t be too horrible with it’s given cast (Russel Crowe, Liam Neeson, Elizabeth Banks) but who really cares? Expect this film to do horribly as HP7 takes all the money this weekend.

Video Games:

  • Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood (Xbox 360, PS3, PC): Assassin’s Creed is another franchise I’m tired on. No matter what additions are in this new game, all I know is that I’ve bought the first two games, and finished neither of them; No matter how beautiful they are, or how good the gameplay is, in the end I find the Assassin’s Creed series to be too repetitive. That said, if you are a fan of AC, then the newest game with most likely be a good pickup this Tuesday.

Sports Match-up of the Week:

  • Colts vs. Patriots: Bieber Boy! The Money Maker! It’s the Colts versus the Patriots in this battle of AFC Titans… not to be confused the Tennessee Titans, also in the AFC… Whatever, I’m tired. All I really want to focus on this week is…


Is my grandpa's alma mater, K-State, worth all the hype?

  • Virgina Tech at Kansas State: Is K-State really worth all the hype? Jacob Pullen is a super-stud. Jamar Samuels and Curtis Kelly are studs for the Wildcat frontcourt. They have returning players like the athletic Wally Judge, the sleeper star in Rodney McGruder, and 7-foot monster in Jordon Henriquez-Rogers. But outside of Pullen, Samuels, and Kelly, K-State is a relatively young team. They’ll be winning a lot of games this year, but I’m not sure if they’re worthy of a #3 rank just yet. We’ll see… Prediction: K-State pulls away late, wins 75-65.
  • Ohio State at Florida: The two recruiter maniacs do battle in what looks to be one of the best early season games this year. It’s too bad there isn’t a rule that requires Joakim Noah to play at Florida forever, though… Prediction: The game is close for 38 minutes, but Florida pulls away late to win 86-80.
  • Butler at Louisville: The Bulldogs got slapped by Duke in the National Championship (Still pisses me off…) and then Gordon Hayward left for NBA riches, but this is still a team with talent. That said, they’ll be no match for Rick Pitino’s Cardinals. Prediction: Louisville blows it open in the 2nd half, wins 80-68.
  • Illinois at Texas: These two teams had pretty disappointing seasons last year, but look to bounce back with the usual flux in stud freshmen players. I hate both of these teams, I’d rather see them both lose, but I think Illinois eeks it out in a thriller here. Prediction: A close game, but Illinois breaks the Longhorns’ hearts, wins 88-86.

Seeya next week, folks!




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14 11 2010


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