Web Wednesday: Deadspin, Zidane Headbutt, The Black Keys

16 11 2010

Hey, how'd this picture of me get on the internet. Haha, just kidding. I'm not that attractive.

Awesome Sites:

  • Deadspin: Before I get to my obligatory randomly stupid Tumblrs, let me tell you a bit about Deadspin. It’s essentially The Onion for sports fans, and brings you all the sports new you could possibly want in the douchebag manner that most sports stars deserve. Unapologetic, unrelenting, un… something. It’s very funny stuff, you should check it out.
  • F*ck Yeah Sharks: Random Tumblrs make me giggle like an 8-year-old watching a Freidberg and Seltzer movie.
  • Happiest People Ever!: When are they gonna invent sarcasm text? I thought this was going to be a site dedicated to overly happy morons, instead I got a lot of pissy looking children! Either way, this site still makes me giggle like a retarded pig watching a Freidberg and Seltzer movie.

[GIFs and videos after the jump!]

GIFs of the Week: Zidane’s Headbutt Edition

And now, a collection of great Zidane Headbutt GIFs.

BONUS: This is just cool

Video of the Week: Boba Fett Plays Zelda on the Accordion

Tears of joy…

(Music) Video of the Week: The Black Keys “Tighten Up”

This song is good, but damn, the video is just stupendous.




One response

17 11 2010
Encrazed Crafts

That Boba Fett vid is *epic*. Nice find :D

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