5 Books I’m Not Ashamed to Say I Like More Than Harry Potter

18 11 2010

[For more of our favorite books, click this – Suppes]

While the Harry Potter series has captured the hearts of many, why have we totally turned our backs on some other cherished books that touched our young lives. Here’s 5 book series that filled my cute little head way back when. You ready to get nostalgic with me?

1) The Adventures of Captain Underpants

I read all these books in 1st grade. I can’t even stand how funny the titles are to this day.

2) Sammy Keyes

It’s like Nancy Drew in converse!

3) The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes

I especially enjoyed how for whatever reason I always got her and her friends mixed up with the characters from As Told By Ginger on Nickelodeon. On a side note, the humor of that show’s name is more intense for me now as a ginger discriminator, like was that name chosen on purpose?

4) Olivia

I really just love this book. It’s got all kinds of truths, like how you will never really know what the best outfit is you should wear or what you want to do ever or what you want to eat. It really gets to the heart of how tricky decisions are. Way deep.

5) Josefina: An American Girl

While all the American Girl books were instant classics, Josefina really spoke to me. Like, her mom is dead, she’s got some crazy aunt living with her, and she has to deal with the collision of two cultures. That’s rough.




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