Band Recomendation: Tegan and Sara.

20 11 2010

Tegan and Sara is probably my favorite band made of identical lesbian Canadian twins. That narrows my music collection down only about halfway, but still.  Seriously though. Tegan and Sara is one of my favorite bands, and would be even if I didn’t have an obsession with female vocalists. (Not like…an odd obsession.) Tegan and Sara are just really, really good, and their songs have a wonderful mix of genres even within the same album. After the jump I’ve got proof! I promise.

Sara is on the left. Tegan is on the right.

If you’ve heard anything by them, it’s probably this song, Back In Your Head, where they sing to a group of burglars/skiing enthusiasts/tothearks.

While this song is quite excellent, and is in fact the song that got me to look up the rest of their music, it doesn’t really showcase what I think is the best part of Tegan and Sara’s music, which is the vocal harmonies. Generally, in the slower songs, whichever twin isn’t singing the melody, usually Sara, will sing back up vocals which are essentially just the words from the melody, but a second later and in a far away-ish sounding voice. It’s such a little thing that for me makes the songs like exponentially better. It’s well shown in the song Call It Off.

(Side note: At like 1:41 when Tegan bites her lip. So attractive. Not sure why? Whatever.)

And then sometimes they just go all out crazy and both play guitars, like on Northshore.

So they’re awesome, right? Right. If you enjoyed Tegan and Sara as much as I do, I would recommend picking up their albums The Con and Sainthood, and if you like those, checking out their older albums. Enjoy!




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