Behind the Geometry: Our Friend Pyramid Head.

21 11 2010

You're probably going to die.

Warning: This post contains violent and disturbing images.

Most gamers, by this point in time, have been acquainted with the friendly antagonist of Silent Hill 2 known as Pyramid Head. Pyramid Head, also eloquently titled as “The Red Pyramid Thing” by James Sunderland, stabs, rapes, and stabs some more. Meet me after the jump for a discussion on this kindly ol’ beast.

Pyramid Head is used various times in the Silent Hill series, including Silent Hill Homecoming, and the oh so wonderful Silent Hill movie. But Pyramid Head originally came from Silent Hill 2. The basic plot of Silent Hill 2 is that some guy, James Sunderland, receives a letter from his wife, and she says she is in Silent Hill. Sounds like someone is gonna get some poon, right? Wrong. The only stipulation to this is that his wife died a few years back. So he has to run through a town of beasts and old memories trying to solve the mystery of his dead wife trying to contact him. As James runs around Silent Hill, he meets monsters, strippers, obese men who have bully troubles, and an obnoxious little girls.

Oh you Mannequins and your flailing.

But possibly James’ best friend in Silent Hill is good ol’ Red Pyramid Thing. The first time James meets this kindly old goon, PH is raping a mannequin in an abandoned apartment. You just take a couple of shots at him, and he wanders off. This is the first installation of fear he has placed into you. You walked in on this thing raping another one of the things from the streets. Obviously he has some power in Silent Hill. You meet him again in the apartment building, but this time he won’t just leave. Shooting him does no good, so all you can do is run around the small room, avoiding the blasts from his oversized blade. Eventually, and air raid siren sounds and he leaves. Emptying a stairwell. Now here I will go off on a tangent.

Pyramid Head: Good or Bad?

Most people assume that Pyramid Head is an enemy. I have no idea why other than the fact he tries to kill you multiple times, and he kills your only partner in Silent Hill a handful of times. But I believe that Pyramid Head could be an ally. Every time you meet him, something new is opened up, allowing you to go further in the game. Most games do this, such as the Zelda series, in which you defeat a mini-boss and gain a weapon or tool that allows you to go further into the dungeon. But in Silent Hill, most things have a meaning. Now, I will tell you this, and if you do not already know this, PYRAMID HEAD IS A CREATION OF JAMES’ MIND. Pyramid Head is a manifestation of James’ guilt over killing his wife. And when he must fight two of them in the end of the game, the second is due to his guilt over killing his fat buddy Eddie. James has been troubled by the fact he murdered his wife since he committed the horrid act. Yet, after he kills the Pyramid Heads, he can go on with his life and leave Silent Hill(If you get the god ending of the game). Therefore, Pyramid Head is relatively good, because with his death, comes a better life for James. Pyramid Head is there so he can be killed, which in turn kills James’ guilt. In the end of the battle with the two Pyramid Heads, James does not even kill them, they kill themselves, impaling themselves with their own spears. Allowing you to go further, destroying James’ guilt, which he couldn’t destroy himself.

Pyramid Head is the executioner of days past. The picture at the beginning of this post is found in the historical society of Silent Hill, which James visited when he went to Silent Hill with his living wife years prior to his second visit. Pyramid Head was a punisher, he took the lives of those who committed heinous acts. So when James Sunderland returns to Silent Hill, he remembers the image he had looked at before, and turned that into reality for himself; an executioner for himself. By the end of the game, James realizes that he must rid himself of his guilt, so the battle with the double Pyramid Head is like a final battle with his guilt. The beating of these two beasts allows you to travel to the top of the hotel, and battle moth-whore-Mary. Mary’s slutty look alike, but in a bed cage and vomiting moths at you. (Why can’t every lady be that classy?) Here, once again, we see Pyramid Head be put into some sort of position to cause good for James.
A) The two Pyramid Head kill THEMSELVES, symbolic of the fact that they are his guilt, and he has finally rid himself of that guilt.
B) They give you two small eggs after their deaths, allowing you to get to the roof top, allowing you to defeat whore-Mary. Thus after winning this battle, if the player acquires the good ending, then James is finally rid of everything that bothered him: the never ending guilt, and the insanity that followed after the murder of his wife.
Pyramid Head is created by James’ mind to push him in the right direction. To show him. As is all of Silent Hill, and Pyramid Head is like most of the other monsters in Silent Hill, created by James’ mind. So Silent Hill and Pyramid Head are there to throw James into his own mind, and push him further and further into his history: his repressed sexuality, his feelings of animosity towards his wife, and finally the murder of his wife. Silent Hill, Pyramid Head, Eddie, etc. are all present to help James fix his life. So therefore, Pyramid Head and Silent Hill can be viewed as good and positive, instead of a bloody, horrifying, evil, soul-sucking, deadly rape-town. If the player receives the good ending, Silent Hill and its imaginary occupants helped James turn his life around, and once again gain the sanity he had lost after murdering his wife.

Pyramid Head is frightening. You see him, YOU RUN. And if you can’t run, you at least attempt to fight. Which usually does no good. For the most part, he carries a very large blade, but once in a while he ditches this blade for a long and harmful spear. Enabling him to stab you from a long distance. One of the most frightening parts of the game is when you are in some small catacombs, and OUT OF NOWHERE you run smack dab into Pyramid Head, and he launches that damn spear into you, forcing you to turn tail and run, but if you continue running away, YOU RUN INTO HIM AGAIN. Pyramid Head is one of the most frightening video game antagonists ever, and he is also one of the most well known. Remember, if you ever come in contact with Pyramid Head, either run run run, or shoot shoot shoot. Or be raped raped raped. And with that, I leave you.




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