The Good, Bad, and Ugly of The Walking Dead: Vatos

22 11 2010


If only I knew what ‘Puto’ meant…

Oh God. This is officially the best show on television for me now. I didn’t seem to believe it was possible, but AMC’s newest hit show managed to top itself in almost every way with episode 4. In fact, at least for me, yesterday’s episode was quite possibly the best thing I’ve seen on TV all year. It simply had everything, and while that’s what a lot of people say about Mad Men, well, Mad Men doesn’t have zombies. Click the jump to get a recap of all the great stuff about the best new show on television. I can’t believe there are only two episodes left this season.

[Obligatory spoiler warning: Yes, there are spoilers.]

The Good (Which was just about everything)

  • Latino Gangsters Save the Retirement Home: This episode had two clearly defined story-lines; one where the guys back at camp trying to figure out why the hell Jim, the quiet and reserved guy, is digging holes in scorching heat, and another as Rick, Glenn, T-Dog and Daryl attempt to retrieve a bag of guns while also picking up Daryl’s crazy brother, Merle. While the former was simply a normal drama plot, the Rick and Co. plot was simply great. In a nutshell, the guys find only Merle’s severed hand, go to retrieve the guns, and then run into a gang of Latinos that kidnap Glenn after a pissed-off Daryl shoots one of the gangsters in the ass with his crossbow. Rick manages to take one of the Latinos prisoner as well, but the attempt to swap doesn’t go down, and Rick decides the only course of action is to wreck shit up and save Glenn with guns. That’s when the most unlikely curveball of the season (So far) was thrown. Just before Rick, T-Dogg, and Daryl get into a shootout with the gangsters, an old lady appears. Surprise! The gangsters want the bag of guns not just for their protection, but also to protect a the residents of a retirement home that they holed up in during the apocalypse. To make it even better, the man-eating dogs the head “gangster” mentioned earlier, are Chihuahuas. Now look, maybe it’s just because I don’t see many buff, neck-tattooed gangsters helping the elderly, but not even a seasoned TV viewer like myself didn’t see that one coming. Needless to say, I was impressed.
  • Amy Redeems Herself… Then Dies: [SPOILERS… wait…whatever…] I mentioned in my last Walking Dead review that my least favorite character was Amy. I was right to think that though, as she spent most of that episode crying her eyes out, be it because her sister was missing, or because someone killed a pretty butterfly (Hint: She cried at everything). Much to my chagrin, Amy and Andrea were the spotlight of the cold open, in which the two talk about life before the zombies while fishing. Needless to say, the actress at least redeemed herself by acting like a human being instead of a human faucet. After that redemption, Amy floated around in the background, and then finally said “I have to pee,” during the fish dinner…. and then is promptly ripped apart by a zombie, turning Andrea into an equally annoying and blubbering fool [Granted, my crying sounds like a cross between a horse and a xenomorph from Alien.] It was a sad scene, and Amy certainly didn’t deserve to be killed, but it’s a merciless world, and no one is safe. That said, Carl’s kind of annoying… [PS: Pretty sure Amy’s death was the only thing in this episode originally from the comic. This show is unpredictable even for me.]
  • How About the Best Climax Ever?: The end of this episode… was simply amazing. I correctly predicted that the thing pawing at Ed’s tent was a zombie (I’m sure the writers goal was to get the reader to think it was Merle), but seeing the actual zombie attack, was pretty frightening. Thanks to some fast cameras, I couldn’t tell exactly who got killed/bitten, but I think it was three (Amy and Ed were obvious, possibly the Latino lady that hasn’t said anything ever). In short, it portrayed the danger of swarms of zombies perfectly, as in the dark, it gets pretty freaking frantic with dozens of things appearing out of the woods and trying to gnaw on everyone, not to mention trying to use a gun on them while the defenseless kids and women are running around like maniacs. Mix in plenty of bloody bludgeons, headshots, and shotgun blasts, and you have the most entertaining  and equally frightening climax on a TV show in a while.

The Bad

  • Jim’s Digging (Kind of): The scene in which Jim finally explains that he only escaped the zombies because they were eating his family was sadder, to me at least, than Amy’s death [I’m a heartless bastard]. That said, all of the incessant digging that Jim does beforehand was kind of annoying. The reason for doing so was fine, I guess, but seeing Jim do the actual digging got old. Maybe it’s because stabbing dirt with a shovel really loudly isn’t digging, but whatevs. I had to think of something to put in the Bad section.

The Ugly

Quite the looker

  • Ed’s Face/ Jaw-less Zombie Girl: Fun game time! What was uglier: The zombie girl whose lower jaw is ripped off (Pictured, in case that wasn’t clear) or Ed’s face, which had some very, very, very nasty bruises and red-eyes after being beaten to a pulp by Shane. Quickly, I actually felt kind of sorry for Ed. Sure, he may have deserved a punch in the face for being a wife-beating prick, but nobody outside of Channing Tatum deserves to be alone and beaten to hamburger, especially when the last close contact he gets is a zombie gnawing on his tenderized face. Back to the game, it’s very close, but I’m going with Ed’s face. That sh!t was nasty.

Best Zombie Kills… Actually, there were a lot of zombie kills in this one. Let’s just go with stats!

[Note: These are all guestimations from last night’s viewing, as I don’t have this DVR’d. Feel free to correct me like the smarty pants you are.]

  • At least 2 kills with blood-splatter on the camera
  • At least 3-4 crossbow headshots. Daryl may be a prick, but sure can aim.
  • At least 4-5 Decapitations by shovel/ shotgun
  • At least 1 arm blown off by shotgun
  • At least 3-4 Zombies blasted backwards and flying by shotgun
  • At least 20 zombies killed total.

Recap: This show is amazing, and that’s essentially the recap for the first 4 episodes of this show, and probably the last 2, and the next two seasons at least. In short, just watch this show. You won’t be sorry.

Grade: A+




2 responses

23 11 2010
Encrazed Crafts

Seeing Ed’s face kinda made me and the misses giggle a little bit. Yeah, Shane over-did it a bit. But come on. They gave Ed no redeeming qualities, the wife and daughter now have a voice of their own as they said no to Ed, and the last thing Ed wanted was to have his daughter stay with him. Which would have gotten her killed too.

The ending was awesome, dude. I really digged that part. Brought up a lot of good memories online playing video games with friends. People calling out for backup as they are getting over run and others coming to their aid, holding out and fully claiming the land after several waves of enemies. Good stuff! Had me shouting “YES!” in my head quite loudly during those final bits.

As for who exactly died, almost all were people I never saw before, as in some skinny black guy that I never noticed, and a thin 20 something woman with long brown or black hair. It all worked out though, zombies came, people got ‘nommed, and all was right in the world. Excellent ep, and equally excellent review! (Great close-up of jawless chick. Where did you get that shot? It’s quite nice. I also just noticed her right shoulder has finger-tip like ‘claw’ marks…that paints one nasty picture of either her or someone close to her’s demise…)

23 11 2010
Matt Suppes

I dunno, I just felt kind of bad for Ed in the end, even though he was a total a-hole. I guess it was a jerk reaction or something. As for the zombie girl, I just searched ‘The Walking Dead Vatos’ on Google Images. That usually brings up enough new pictures to fill up the review.

And again, your kudos are much appreciated. This site obviously isn’t a big thing, so it’s nice to know someone enjoys some of our stuff.

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