Music Recommendation: Foxy Shazam

24 11 2010

My God yes.

A year or two ago, I discovered this band. I cannot express how much I love these guys. Such an amazing band. Follow me after the jump and I will describe to you in full detail my intense sexual gratification I receive from this band and their music.

Foxy Shazam currently have three albums: The Flamingo Trigger, Introducing, and Foxy Shazam. All just wonderful albums. The Flamingo Trigger has a metal/chaotic sound to it, with heavy guitars, and very chaotic sounding songs and instruments. Here is my favorite song from the album(It is many people’s favorite).

The song just has an intense beat, and really easy to just freak the fuck out too.

Foxy Shazam’s second album, Introducing, is a strange, yet musically wonderful album. There is not a bad song on this album, it is an incredibly solid album. The following video is my favorite song from the album, even though Yes! Yes! Yes! and Ghost Animals came in a close second and third.

The shouting he does at the begin is just plain badass. And he also shouts the one wish that I wish would come true: I really want to be black, because white people really suck. But anyways, just a really lyrically odd song, but with a wonderful tune to it and a quite handsome beat.

Their third and newest album, Foxy Shazam, is of Godly status. I would rank this as one of my favorite albums of all time. Every song is just wonderful. It seems every person in the band did exceptionally well on this album. The trumpet player and the guitar player are really brought out in this album, and their solos are glorious. My favorite song from the album is the following video, with Some Kind of Love and Count Me Out and Bomb’s Away and Oh Lord and Teenage Demon Baby and Killin’ It in a close race which I don’t really want to tabulate the scores for.

Like, I said, the guitar playing on this album is phenomenal, as is Eric Sean Nally’s voice. All the songs on this album speak to everyone on some level. Just all around a damn good album.

That’s it for me thrusting myself at the band Foxy Shazam. Listen to them. DO IT.

Thank you for reading.

Eric Sean Nally eats cigarettes and doesn't afraid of anything.

Just look at his glorious beard!




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