My Top 3 Video Game Systems

24 11 2010


If you discuss the illustrious history of video games with a group of people long enough, eventually you’ll get to the greatest debate of them all: Which system is the best of all time? Is it the original powerhouse, the NES? How about the newer systems, which boast outstanding graphics and countless features? What if you factor in the games themselves? Does the N64 get your vote for Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, and Super Smash Bros, or is the Xbox and Halo your cup of Mountain Dew? In this article, I will rank my favorites from 3-1. Meet me after the jump to agree with me about everything.

These are my top 3 systems! Read this!

#3-The Playstation 3
OH NO! A NEW SYSTEM IN THE TOP 3!? Yes, a new system in the top 3. I especially love this little thing because my mother’s company gave one to all the employees for free, so I didn’t have to pay a dime for this thing. Even though I’ve only played a handful of games for the PS3, it still has some wonderfully addicting games.
One great game for the PS3 is Fallout 3. I love post-apocalyptic tales of woe, and this is a wonderful example of that. Almost an RPG, Fallout 3 has an innovative fighting style, and a lengthy and very creative game. With many sidequests and story lines, it is such an innovative and time consuming game. The developers of Fallout 3 must have worked their asses off to make this great game.

Red Faction Guerrilla is another absolutely addicting game for the PS3. Go here to read my post on Read Faction Guerilla. The live on Red Faction is great, with a constant flow of completely stoned people ready to be slaughtered by me, the one sober Red Faction player.

Yes, you can get a large ostrich as a weapon.

#2-The Nintendo 64
Yes, the system loved by all. The Nintendo 64 offers many games that bring back tears of nostalgia, and some tears of frustration. Because don’t we all remember trying to fight our way through the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time and not punch small babies? No? Just me? Well, okay. Still, the Nintendo 64 is a damn good system with some of the most well liked games of all time.
One great game full of nostalgia and memorable dialogue is good ol’ Starfox 64. Ripping through space and blowing the hell out of various space-beasts is always fun. The Landmaster tank is always a fun little machine to beat the hell out of things with. DO A BARREL ROLL! USE THE BOOST TO GET THROUGH! USE THE BRAKE!

Another wonderful nostalgia filled game that I’ve beaten many times is Super Mario 64. The game had such cool levels, ranging from large mushrooms flinging themselves at you too eels trying to eat you. The levels were innovative and cool looking. The game was pretty difficult in some spots. And if you were a true video game ace, you could collect all the stars, which was a pretty fun and time consuming task. Not too mention Princess Peach was pretty hot.

And this wouldn’t be an article of mine if it didn’t have a Zelda somewhere in it. Of course I’m going to mention a Zelda. And that Zelda would be Majora’s Mask. Go here to read about why I love it.
A beautiful and difficult game. Insanely innovative for a Zelda game.

Majora's Mask.


And the award goes to!!

THE PS2!!!!!!!!!!
Now, the PS2 has many good games, and I have spent massive amounts of time diddling with these games.
One amazing game for the PS2 was Shadow of the Colossus. For the PS2, this game had dazzling graphics, and the difficulty level was insane. Comprised entirely of almost Zelda bosses and a wonderful landscape, Shadow of the Colossus is a wonderful game for those who like a challenge, and the epic boss battles in certain games.

Another wonderful game for the PS2 was Ace Combat: Shattered Skies. Now, I’m a guy who enjoys games with some really weird aspect, not typical racing games, army/shooting style games, or flying games, but I loved this game. I can’t really describe why I love this game so much, but I have beaten it many many times. Possibly, it’s because it is such a well engineered game, and all the levels are fun, and some are rather difficult. This is just a neat flying game, with the typical bomb this boat and shoot this plane playing, but nonetheless a wonderful game.

A very wonderful and frightening game for the PS2 is Silent Hill 2. While this is probably the most played Silent Hill game of the series, it is still incredibly fun. I could not put the controller down while playing this. A game with wonderful puzzle solving, amazing combat, wonderful story line, and a creepy as antagonist (Pyramid Head), the game is a wonderful fright-fest of epic proportions.

Silent Hill 2: Don't waste your ammo, James.

And finally, Okami. In my opinion, Okami is the greatest game I have played so far in my life. This is one of the few games I have attempted to beat all the way through, 100% (Collecting everything, feeding all the animals, etc). What a wonderful and innovative game. Everything about this game is Godly. All the levels/temples are wonderfully engineered, and the bosses for each level are just so damn cool. Also, you are a wolf that is a God. Badass? Yes, yes it is. Just a beautiful and incredibly fun game. Also, this game made me cry, so there’s that.





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