The Legend of Zelda: Why Majora’s Mask Beats Ocarina of Time.

24 11 2010


The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time has always been hailed as one of the best video games of all time, if not the number one of all time. I have beaten Ocarina of Time(OoT) many many times, but that aside, I believe Majora’s Mask is a much better game. I will discuss my insane reasons after the jump. For the love of God meet me after the jump!

Ocarina of Time has always been worshiped as the best Zelda in the series, and possibly the best game ever. I believe Okami is the best game ever, but whatever. In many aspects, Majora’s Mask completely beats out Ocarina of Time. Here’s why:

The General World

In Ocarina of Time, moving from town to town, or temple to temple, one will not come across many enemies. Unless one is crossing the desert, at the lake, or walking through Link’s old forest home as an adult, one would not encounter many enemies. One thing that really bothers me about Ocarina of Time is the lack of general monsters. Running or riding through Hyrule Field, one would only encounter a poe or two, or, if a child, and at night, some Stalchildren. In Majora’s Mask, there are many enemies covering the map. In Termina Field alone, a player can encounter many different types of enemies, contrary to the lack of enemies in Ocarina of Time.

A common enemy in Termina Field: The Green Chuchu

The Look!

Anybody cannot deny that Majora’s Mask is much trippier and color filled than Ocarina of Time. For the most part, everything was drab colored in Ocarina of Time. Not much array of color, or a large pallet of color. Yet, in Majora’s Mask, the designers went wild with the color. The game seems brighter, and just more interesting because everything is less drab than OoT.

The Swords
One thing I thought was so damn cool about Majora’s Mask was the inventory of swords. You can upgrade your sword, and make it stronger and more badass looking, and you can also get the Great Fairy Sword, which is huge, and looks just plain cool. The odd thing about the Great Fairy Sword is that it is set to a C button unlike a normal sword.

The Kokiri Sword: :(

The Razor Sword: Could be sold on infomercials.

The Gilded Sword: Inlaid with extra cool gold shit!


The Bosses
In Majora’s Mask, it seemed to me that the dungeon bosses tied the story together well, and were all in all cool. The coolest thing about all the boss battles was the masks and how they went along with the boss battle. I remember the excitement I recieved upon reaching the battle with Twinmold, and the fact I got to be gigantor-Link and run around being huge and stuff. The bosses seemed neat, colorful, tough, and all around cool and innovative.

Part Unicorn, part fish, all hardass.


The Temples!
The temples in Majora’s Mask where much better than those in Ocarina of Time. Some of the temples had pre-temples adventures one needed to go on, such as the adventure to visit the King of Ikana, leading you through a really cool tomb/pyramid type dungeon. Neat! The temples had the fairy collecting, which is a cool little side quest for each dungeon. Dungeons had multiple mini-bosses, and many different enemy types for each, which OoT seemed to lack. Each dungeon yielded multiple new items to its visitors, which is always nice. To me, it seemed the dungeons in Majora’s Mask were more solid, innovative, and took some creative thinking to create. Two shining examples of the innovative style temples are the Great Bay Temple and the Stone Tower Temple. The Great Bay Temple can be read about in-depth here. One thing I really enjoyed about the temple was the general puzzle solving, and the thinking involved with it. Also, I loved riding a huge turtle to get there. How awesome is giant turtle riding? Pretty awesome. The Stone Tower Temple can be read about here. Once again, I enjoyed the puzzle solving involved within this temple. Also, after receiving the light arrow, the player can invert the entire temple, which is pretty damn cool within itself. This temple includes the use of one of my favorite masks: the giants mask. Being huge and kicking ass is always awesome!

Stone Tower Temple!

Do you liek tewtles?

The Masks! Oh The Masks!
THE MASKS. The masks have to be the coolest thing about the game. Being able to become a Zora, Goron, and a Deku. Also, the instruments that are played after putting one of that masks on are really cool and innovative. The masks allow for so much more interesting aspects for the game, more puzzles, and more sidequests. The masks are an ingenious addition to the game. In all, there are 24 masks. They can all be read about here. My two favorite of the Normal Masks have got to be the bunny hood and Kamaro’s Mask. I loved the bunny hood simply because I loved being able to run much faster than I could in Ocarina of Time. A wonderful mask for impatient people like myself. I enjoyed Kamaro’s mask simply because of it’s use. Please see following video.

Uhhhhhhhhhhh. Okay. Whatever you say, hella stoned Zelda people. Even though the people who created the mask are probably weird as hell, it’s still a fun mask.


This is by far the best part. Where as in Ocarina of Time, you battle Ganon(OH MY GOD GANON, WHO THOUGHT HE WOULD BE IN A ZELDA!?), and fight some insane sentient mask, who really really doesn’t like you. I though the offshoots of the mask where very creative. All rather creepy and cool bosses.

Majora's Wrath.

But the coolest part of the final boss battle is the Fierce Deity mask. This is one of the most badass things in any Zelda game ever. It gives you awesome sword powers, and makes you look like a total badass. Now, you can only receive this if you collect the other 23 masks, which is a rather difficult and time consuming task, but totally worth it. The Fierce Deity mask is just all around amazing.

Yes. This is Link. And he is Fierce.

Well that’s about it for now. Majora’s Mask>Ocarina of Time. Thank you for reading!




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24 11 2010
Matt Suppes

I agree that a lot of Majora’s Mask would be considered superior to Ocarina of TIme, but the one thing that MM lacks is a general accessibility. Ocarina, while a hard game, could still be picked up by a generally competent gamer and be almost immediately enjoyable, but the idea of gaming with a 3-Day Cycle just turned a lot of people off. I think that’s why more people call Ocarina the best, other than the fact that it was one of the biggest games of it’s time when first released.

24 11 2010
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[…] it. Of course I’m going to mention a Zelda. And that Zelda would be Majora’s Mask. Go here to read about why I love it. A beautiful and difficult game. Insanely innovative for a Zelda game. […]

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