The Week Ahead: Nov 29 – Dec 5

28 11 2010

[Thanksgiving is over, and I’ve already been over-stimulated with Christmas music/ The Chanukah Song. Call me crazy, but push the holiday songs back one week, and maybe my skin won’t turn green with Grinch Syndrome/ excessive vomiting. You know… Anyways, yet another big week in entertainment lies ahead, including Black Swan, Epic Mickey, lots of sports match-ups. Figure out what you’ll be watching this week after the jump.]


  • Black Swan: Darren Aronofsky’s newest film has a pretty original concept; it’s being labeled a ‘psychological-ballerina-thriller’. The movie looks dark as hell, and looking at Aronofsky’s filmography (Requiem for a Dream, The Wrestler, ect.), one can probably guess that this film at least won’t suck. What really excites me, though, is that Aronofsky is under the helm for the Wolverine reboot, so thank God for that.
  • The Warrior’s Way: I don’t watch that many kung fu movies. This is kind of surprising considering how unapologetically immature I am… Haha! The lead actor’s name is Jang Dong-gun. How embarrassing! Honestly, the last good kung fu movie I watched was Stephen Chow’s Kung Fu Hustle, and now all I can think about is how I need to see that movie again. I also need to see Shaolin Soccer.

Video Games

  • Epic Mickey: Like I’ve said countless times, the Wii has been getting a lot of good press for it’s recent lineup of anticipated games. The most important in my eyes, outside of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, is Epic Mickey. I’ve been waffling my opinions of the game for a while now. It looks visually stunning (For the Wii’s standards at least), the story looks interesting, but the gameplay doesn’t look too promising given the small sample size. For Nintendo’s sake, I hope it’s as good as advertised.

Sports Match-ups of the Week

  • NY Jets at New England Patriots (NFL): The New England Patriots are once again one of the best teams in the NFL, but the division rival Jets share the Patriots’ AFC East Division lead. I don’t like Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Rex Ryan, or the city of New Jersey. That said, I’m a Mizzou homer, and I have the Jets Defense/ Special Teams on my fantasy team, so here’s hoping for a J-E-T-S W-I-N. Prediction: Patriots 28 Jets 21
  • Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens (NFL): I’m glad lots of people share my belief that Joe Flacco is the human incarnation of Bert from Sesame Street. I’m also glad that lots of people share my belief that Ben Rothlisberger is a stupid douchebag. Go Ravens. Prediction: Ravens 35 Steelers 30
  • College Football Championship Week: As the regular season comes to a close for college football, there are still some opportunities, albeit slim, for potential BCS busters. Oregon goes on the road against rival Oregon State, and it should be close early (They do both start 0-0, after all) but the Ducks will pull away and secure a spot in the National Championship. Meanwhile, Auburn has to face South Carolina in the SEC Championship Game, and the Gamecocks (HAHAHA, the word ‘game’ is in their names!) are no pushovers. This will be a battle, but I think Auburn pulls away to face Oregon. Outside of that, I just hope Missouri doesn’t get completely hosed on its bowl game.
  • Georgetown vs. Missouri at the Sprint Center (College Basketball): Missouri doesn’t deserve to be ranked higher than Georgetown. There, I said it. The Tigers definitely have the pieces to be a Top-15 team, but right now they’ve committed too many turnovers and have not looked good on offense. If Mizzou wants to get a win against the Hoyas, the whole team will need to show up, especially Kim English. Prediction: It’s bold, but I say Mizzou holds off Georgetown 75-70.

Seeya next week!




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28 11 2010

I laughed three times while reading this post. I love your subtle humor!

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