Awards Season 2011

29 11 2010

I love awards season. It is probably the most involved I get in anything that doesn’t directly involve me. The Oscars is my version of the Super Bowl.  And there’s something about the Oscars that really brings out the judgemental jerk in me, and it seems a lot of other people too. I don’t know if it’s all the gosh dang Versace just begging to be criticized for no reason or just the unending supply of shiny trophies going to the wrong people year after year. Nonetheless, I look forward to them each year and settle down into all the hype. When the Golden Globes finally hit, I get all giddy as we get closer to Oscar territory. But so far, this year isn’t seeming too awesome. It’s still way early I know, but let’s examine the facts so far:

1) Anne Hathaway and James Franco hosting? Huh?

Anne Hathaway hosted the Thanksgiving SNL and sure she was funny enough. I mean, her Katie Holmes was pretty impressive. But does that qualify her to co-host the Oscars? Also, doesn’t that pretty much murder her chances of ever winning an Oscar? You’d never see Kate Winslet or Meryl Streep (my Streepiness is unavoidable) parading around up there. But let’s go ahead and let Anne Hathaway up there, she’ll never grow out of Mia Thermopolis in my mind anyway.


And then there’s my celeb crush James Franco. Like, he’s so versatile that maybe he can be in movie where he has to cut off his own arm (127 hours is definitely on my list of things to see!) and co-host in the same year. Something about it feels…off to me though. In addition, couldn’t both of them potentially get a nom this year? Supposedly Love and Other Drugs is good and 127 hours looks amazing so can you be nominated and host? I’ve never heard of such a thing.  I feel like the two of them just aren’t the normal pick. It will definitely be interesting whether that means a stupendous fail or not, who knows.

2) Is Toy Story 3 getting a best picture nod?

There’s a lot of talk about it out there, and c’mon. That’s the point of the best animated category. The moment an animated movie takes best picture, I will most likely die on the inside. And I even like most of those movies.

3) No one knows anything.

The only thing I feel sure of for this year is that Meryl Streep isn’t going to be nominated. And that’s just because she wasn’t in anything but she would have been nominated for anything had she been in. The Academy has a bit of Streepiness too you know. Beyond that, there’s just a ton of speculation. Not much else. I mean, the Social Network is the supposed winner on some of the blogs out there. And I refuse to accept that as a possibility.

So, let the countdown begin:

Golden Globes nominations go out December 14

Golden Globes are January 16

The Academy Awards nominations are announced January 25

And the ceremony is February 27

Yay Awards Season!




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