The Week Ahead: Dec 6-12

5 12 2010

[Ahh December, the second greatest month of the year (Second to March, obviously). The movies are flying fast, there are plenty of NFL, NBA and college basketball games to choose from, and while there is only on video game of note being released this week, it is an expansion to one of the biggest phenomenons in PC gaming. In short, it’s a busy looking week. Check out all the details after the jump.]

Fear this man


  • The Tourist: I thought this movie would be another awful spy couple romedy, but it obviously looks more serious/ mysterious, so that’s good. Outside of that, women continue to be irrationally attracted to Johnny Depp and his greasy facial hair. I swear, I’m one fu-manchu away from looking like Depp… ladies.
  • The Tempest: If you guessed that I had no idea this movie existed until I saw it on IMDB just minutes before writing this, then you are correct! The cast is pretty studly, but I don’t think the main goal of this movie is to bring home statues. In the end, I’m apathetic, at least until Rotten Tomatoes tells me to care. I’m a puppet.
  • Voyage of the Dawn Treader: I enjoyed the first Chronicles of Narnia movie enough, but I’ve also been just apathetic enough to not see the sequel. Maybe it’s because I’m such a Lord of the Rings homer, but I just haven’t found enough need to see these movies. Whatevs, it still looks like a movie that you would enjoy as much as your sword-obsessed children.
  • The Fighter: This movie literally punches you in the face with Oscar hype. Marky-Mark and Christian Bale play boxer brothers, the latter mentoring Wahlberg while also getting caught up in cocaine addiction and prison time (Hey, it’s not his fault it looks like sugar!). I’m calling at least one acting Oscar for this movie. Also, it loses brownie points from me for using that stupid ass Rhianna song about owning towns. Give it a rest already!

Video Games

  • World of Warcraft: Cataclysm: I’ve never played a bit of World of Warcraft, so that’s probably why I don’t get the love, but it is WoW so you can bet your house that this expansion will make mucho cash. Pfff, whatever *plays Fallout.

Sports Match-ups of the Week

  • Kansas City vs. San Diego: Yeah, yeah, if you read these weekly posts then you’ve probably figured out that I’m a homer for the Kansas City Chiefs/ Royals, as well as the Missouri Tigers. But outside of simple rooting pleasures, this game is one of the most important of the week in terms of how it affects the play-off picture. Unfortunately, the affects will probably be negative for KC. The Chiefs’ road struggles resurface and the Chargers win 35-21.
  • New England vs. Chicago: Oh New England, all the teams in the NFL change for better or worse, and you stay the same. Tom Brady and Jay Cutler clash in an epic match-up. The Hair versus The Paunch! Who will win? The answer is simple: Both are good QB’s, but Cutler throws 2 picks and New England wins 21-13.
  • Memphis vs. Kansas: I hate Kansas (See that Mizzou shout-out above). Memphis’ new head coach looks huggable. That said, I think the Jayhawks come out strong after winning at home on a questionable call and blitz the Tigers, 88-81.

Seeya next week!




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