Web Wednesday: MC Vader, Texts From Last Night, Hipster Puppies

8 12 2010

[ATTENTION READERS (Ha, like I have readers): I’ve managed to keeps this post going for two months now, but the time has come to note that I am running out of sites to use for the Awesome Sites section. That said, I would love site suggestions from all ten of you guys. You can hit me up with suggestions in the comments section or at mcsuppes@gmail.com. Now onto the Web-ness…]

Awesome Sites

  • Texts From Last Night: All lot of crazy things can happen in one night, and thank the stars, most people in the world can relay those epic events to each other lik dis LOLZ!!1, thanks to text messages. Of course, there are also a lot of bad things that can happen when you decide to chug a bottle of horse tranquilizer extract and homemade 4 LOKO, and frankly, those are the best things to read on TFLN. It can get pretty crude, but anyone with a high tolerance for stupid people could spend hours rolling through this site.
  • Hipster Puppies: Honestly, you could Photoshop hipster clothes onto amoebas and I would still laugh my ass off. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m easier to please than a kitten abusing ecstasy.
  • Holy Taco: Holy Taco is essentially Unreality’s douchebag big brother, but that’s not really a bad thing. Lots of random photos, lists, jokes, and silly stories that make people (Mostly men) giggle a lot. It’s also run (Or at least has been run) by Justin Halpern, AKA the creator of Shit My Dad Says, who can be funny without the help of his badass old man.

[GIFs and video after the jump]

GIFs of the Week: Lord of the Rings Edition

Video of the Week: MC Vader

My only complaint is that Vader didn’t have the baggy MC Hammer pants. Sure, that’s very intimidating, but neither is dancing to Can’t Touch This at all. [via Filmdrunk]

Seeya next week, and send me your site recommendations!




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