Music Suggestion: State Radio.

11 12 2010

I apologize for his hair being better than yours.

State Radio is an alternative-ska-whosamacallit. Do you really care about their genre? Seeing as their genre doesn’t really matter, because they are just an amazing band. Meet me after the jump to listen to someone that sounds better than you!

Hello reader. I hope you find this searching “good music” or “Jimmy’s cool clothes”. State Radio, a ska-punk-alternative-rock band from Boston, Massachusetts, released their first album in 2005. State Radio branched off from the band Dispatch, who is a rather famous acoustic-rock band. State Radio plays music infused with political messages, but not your typical Green Day esque “fuck the government and conformist stuff!”. The band pushes good messages about peace in African countries (“Sudan”) to messages about peace all around (“Fight No More”). State Radio also has many songs that branch away from the political messages and swing around to discuss touching stories. One of my favorites by them is “The Story of Benjamin Darling, part 1”. This song tells the story of a slave who gets trapped in a storm with his master, and with his last remaining strength, pulls his master to the shore, helping his master see how he has wronged poor Benjamin.The song may not sound like their usual sound, but it is still an amazing story-telling masterpiece.

“Man In the Hall” is another amazing song by them. And it even has beat boxing!

The thing I found surprising about State Radio is that I cannot possibly put as many videos as I would like into this post. All their songs are enjoyable, and all are diverse and lyrically different. State Radio does a wonderful job of changing their sound each album, while still remaining their own individual band and keeping their individual sound. I will now post a conglomerate of songs.

Screw love in an elevator! This is love in a diner!

One of the few songs that has ever made me cry. Very touching song with wonderful vocals and lyrics

A song from their new album!

Seriously. If you have never listened to these guys, or have only heard one song, run out and purchase all of their albums. That is your mission now, if you choose to accept it. And if you don’t, I will wreck your knees with a steel pipe….

Thanks for reading!

Look at how much fun they are!




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