The Week Ahead: Dec. 13-19

12 12 2010

[Can you believe we’re only a couple weeks away from Christmas? I sure as hell can’t. Anyways, we have a pretty big week of movies, some huge games in the NFL, as well as the start of college bowl games, and a very unproductive week in video games. If you love hearing me rant about awful remakes, potentially good reboots, and big people hitting each other over an oblong-shaped ball, then continue after the jump. That’s right, all five of you.]


  • Tron: Legacy: The reboot extravaganza is getting mixed reviews early (68% currently on Rotten Tomatoes), but I’m willing to give this a shot, simply because I haven’t been to the theaters in quite some time. If the story and acting both suck, at least I can look at pretty visuals and light cycle fights. I wonder how many people will take acid before seeing this…

  • Yogi Bear: Hahahahahahahahaha no. I’ve never been a big Yogi Bear fan to begin with, so there’s no way in hell I’m seeing this movie, even if a five-year-old that turned out to be my child showed up at my doorstep this Friday. We all know that I have no soul when it comes to horrible children’s remakes.

  • How Do You Know: Like most rom-coms ever made, this looks cheesier than Alec Baldwin’s special cheesy balls, but I can never underestimate the power that is Paul Rudd. If that guy didn’t root for the Kansas Jayhawks, he would be in my top 5 comedy actors of the present.

Video Games

  • Battlefield Bad Company 2: Viet Nam: Poor, poor EA. They’ve managed to turn out some seriously awesome stuff with the Battlefield: Bad Company series, which is way more realistic than Call of Duty. Unfortunately, there’s no way in hell that this will come close to a fourth the cash Black Ops is making.

Big Games in the NFL


  • Jaguars at Colts: Thanks to a ridiculous amount of injuries, Peyton Manning (One of the only superstar QB’s that I don’t think is a douche) has been forced to shoulder almost all of the offensive weight. As a result, he’s sucked balls. The Colts just recently managed to squeak by an awful Tennessee team last Thursday, and this match-up against Jacksonville is vital to Indy’s playoff hopes. Simply because I love underdogs, I’m pulling for the Jags, but I think the Colts will pull this out and make the playoffs. Colts 28 Jaguars 21
  • Saints at Ravens: Drew Brees, the other non-douchey super QB, and the Saints are having a decent year, but could still miss the playoffs due to stellar, stellar play by the Falcons and above average play by the Buccaneers. As much as I enjoyed the New Orleans run last year, I think the drop back to reality begins with this game. Ravens 21 Saints 10
  • Eagles at Giants: Some people feel the need to crucify Mike Vick because of the awful things he did in the past, but I’m a firm believer in second chances, and I think it’s time to congratulate Vick for working hard to become a better person. He’s also had a pretty big comeback on the football field, and he’s been very humble about the whole thing. Here’s to hoping he keeps moving forward against the Giants. Eagles 31 Giants 21
  • Jets at Steelers: The Jets got the football equivalent of that one scene in Deliverance (You know what I’m talking about) against the Patriots on Monday Night Football, and Big Ben’s nose got raped equally hard in an impressive win against the Ravens. This should be another bruiser, and in those cases I always take the uglier QB. Steelers 21 Jets 10
  • Packers at Patriots: Seriously, Aaron Rodgers is a freaking beast. His situation on offense has been nearly identical to Peyton Manning’s, and it looks like it hasn’t slowed him down one little bit. That said, I’m a little bitter at Donald Driver for making an incredible TD catch and run only two weeks after I dropped him from my fantasy team. Screw you, Driver! Patriots 28 Packers 21

College Bowl Games Part 1

  • BYU vs. UTEP (New Mexico Bowl): Those Mormons usually have a pretty good football team, but this year the Cougars kind of stunk it up. As a result, they face UTEP in a bowl that 98% of America doesn’t care about. Luckily for BYU, their basketball team is pretty studly, and led by the awesomely named Jimmer Fredette.
  • Humanitarian and New Orleans Bowls: Two more bowl games that also don’t matter. The real stuff begins next week.

Seeya next week!




2 responses

12 12 2010

You confuse me with your nfl games before this week is even over

12 12 2010
Matt Suppes

I don’t know. My week goes from Monday to Sunday, because I’m a maverick like that.

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