Which Gamer Are You?

14 12 2010

I’m usually not one to simply post a picture and ramble for a few paragraphs, especially when I essentially stole this picture from another website, but it’s finals week, and I don’t have time to blog like a pro. I have a shitload of homework to do, and even though I’m being thoughtful enough to post something, anything, for all three of you regulars to read, I just don’t have the time to type 3000 words about how awesome the Yogi Bear reboot was. Do you hear that? That’s the sound of my last reader slamming their laptop. Fine then, screw you too, Mother.

Anyways, the picture above is pretty freaking sweet. Everyone knows about the evil/ chaotic persona, but what I really love about this image is probably a tie between the entire neutral section or Lawful Evil. Personally, I’m almost always a true neutral, but I occasionally put the headphones on to flaunt my Neutral Evil side. My brother? Oh yeah, he’s Chaotic Good all the way. What personality do you express as a gamer?

[via Unreality]




One response

15 12 2010
Encrazed Crafts

I don’t fit any one of those haha Wish I could chime in with more, but nothing is resonating in that pic. (Nice double bell reference, eh? Chime…resonating…ah, I’m full of these bits of awesome…)

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