Video Vriday: Cockatoo Sings ‘Let the Bodies Hit the Floor’

17 12 2010

What more is there to say? Drowning Pool, a generic 21st Century Nu Metal band, is best known for the constant repetition of that six letter phrase. And they got one-upped by a f*cking cockatoo. Honestly, I can hardly stand anything associated with Nu Metal, as (a) it all sounds the same, and (b) spelling ‘New’ as ‘Nu’ is about as clever as putting numbers in your movie title (I’m looking at you, 5 Fast 5 Furious). That said, the undisputed law of nature, which is “Exotic birds make everything better”, made me enjoy a song that’s really only been good for angsty teens and Youtube tributes to horror movie killers and 300.

[h/t Filmdrunk]




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