Web Wednesday: Zero Punctuation, Guidos, Car Ballet

22 12 2010

Awesome Sites:

  • Totally Cool Pix: Totally Cool Pix is stuffed to the gills with some very stunning photo galleries. Honestly, if you’re a fan of cameras and photography (I’m looking at you, Dad), then you could spend hours looking through all the stuff from this site.
  • Zero Punctuation: Technically not a site, Zero Punctuation is a cartoon video series for Escapist, and it’s fucking fantastic. Yahtzee Croshaw is the quintessential pissed-off hipster gamer, and the combination of his fast-talking meanness and hilarious cartoons makes this review series a must watch for any gamer.
  • Shirt.Woot.Com: I’m pretty sure I found this site from a referral on Unreality, and thank God I did. Shirt.Woot is a sort of online community where people submit quirky designs for shirts in themed contests. The winners get a day in the spotlight, and the best shirts go into the reckoning list. The one big quirk? Once your shirt is kicked off the list, you can’t buy it anymore.

[GIFs and Video of the Week after the jump]

Merry Christmas! Here are your GIFS: Jersey Shore Edition

Video of the Week: Car Ballet

THIS is exactly why you don’t want to go to Washington.




One response

23 12 2010

If you like shirt.woot… Then you will love




But these shirts are only available for one day

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