The Year That Was: 2010 Reflection, Part 2

2 01 2011

[You can read Emily’s 2010 post if you click this]

Ahhh the New Year; a day that really has no meaning, but people love to get irresponsibly drunk the day before. That definitely makes sense.

I have no qualms with the year as a whole. There were plenty of fine movies to watch, games to play, shows to watch, and illegally downloaded CD’s to listen to. Whatever, there is no reason to drag on this intro other than for me to tell you that it’s my opinion, screw you. Anyways, I have plenty of opinions to give on the previous 365 days or so, so click el jumpo to see all of my favorites in entertainment from 2010. Onward!

Favorite Movie: Kick Ass

Screw Oscar contenders, Kick Ass was the best movie of the year, it’s just too bad it came out so early. The hard R, ultra-violent and ultra-ridiculous (but somehow believable) action comedy was what any real movie fan should want, which is a big ol’ bag of fun (like my bag *wink). The characters are very funny, and you can actually relate to them all, and that includes the villains. If you haven’t watched this film yet, and won’t get too uppity over a little girl killing bad guys in an incredibly violent manner, then I suggest you pick it up right now.

Runner-ups: Inception, True Grit, The Expendables

Favorite Game: Fallout: New Vegas

I’m only a few hours into the (essentially) expansion game for Fallout 3 and I’m already in love with it. Fallout combines all the greatness of shooters and RPGs with all of the ridiculous detail, black humor, and gore that make nerds swoon. Lots of characters. A meticulously detailed environment. Lots of quests to fulfill however you please. I’ve already encountered things like…

  • Two charred corpses named Owen and Beru, AKA Luke Skywalker’s aunt and uncle.
  • Flaming corpses rolling down a roller coaster.
  • Little kids eating the giant rat that I killed.

Just set aside 100 hours of your time and play this game. Trust me on this.

Runner-ups: Red Dead Redemption, Call of Duty: Black Ops

Favorite Book: Ancestor by Scott Sigler

Yes, this may very well be the only book from 2010 that I read, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be my favorite of the year even if I did read ten more books. Sigler, yet again, uses his catchy story-telling skills (a mix of Stephen King and Michael Crighton) in this tale of bioengineering gone horribly wrong. There’s even a spoof on Twilight in there, except it includes the descriptive word “ruby penis”.

Runner-up: Shit My Dad Says

Favorite Album: Brothers by The Black Keys

Every blue moon or so, I get sucked into a band with an intensity that could rival the most die-hard Twi-hard. This year, those bands were Foals and The Black Keys, and I happened to like the latter’s 2010 effort just a little bit better. This two man band is incredibly simple, but every song is catchy as hell. They’re like a hipster-blues version of Def Leppard.

Runner-ups: Total Life Forever by Foals, Contra by Vampire Weekend

Favorite Song: Holiday by Vampire Weekend

This song is hella catchy. That’s all that needs to be said.

Favorite TV Show: The Walking Dead

Like this wouldn’t be my favorite? Bahahaha! But seriously, The Walking Dead was everything I expected and more. People will definitely hope for the show to step it up next season, but I think Frank Darabont will do just fine.

Runner-ups: Breaking Bad, Justified, Tosh.0

Favorite Website: Filmdrunk

Seriously, it’s asshole blogging at it’s finest. Vince Mancini and friends provide the best combination of movies, douches, photoshops, and 4 Loko jokes on the internet. Nobody else comes close.

Runner-ups: Warming Glow, Unreality, Rock M Nation

Favorite Sports Moment: The Saints win the Super Bowl

Was there any moment I didn’t think the Saints would win? Probably not. Last year was simply the year of destiny for New Orleans, all of the ‘Katrina’ and ‘Drew Brees Saves Orphanage of Cancer Kids’ stories leading up to the game should have told you that. You just can’t deny teams of destiny, and the Tracy Porter pick six all but proved the Saints to be just that.

Runner-ups: Butler’s NCAA tournament run, Landon Donovan’s World Cup winner

It was a fun 2010. Here’s looking forward to an awesome 2011!




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