2010: It was indeed a year.

5 01 2011

2010 doesn’t particularly stand out in my remembrance of years, entertainment wise or life wise. It was just a year. I don’t remember much about it, honestly, but I’ll try and remember my favorite things.

This is not one of them.

Favorite Movie: Black Swan.

Black Swan stood out not because of Natalie Portman’s masturbation/lesbian sex scenes, (both of which are designed to be horribly disturbing, not sexy.) but because of the way she portrayed someone going completely freaking insane so well. In my head I compared the role of Nina to Anne Baxter’s Eve Harrington in All About Eve. Both are characters that over the course of the movie go from “adorable and cute” to “terrifying and sociopathic”. It’s a wonderful film that deserves to be seen by everyone.

Runner up: The Social Network.

Best Album: My Dinosaur LifeMotion City Soundtrack

I have listened to probably zero of the albums on most critic’s “Best of 2010” lists, mainly because I get my music randomly from torrents, and also because I don’t listen to Kanye West. This is probably the one album I bought in 2010 from a store that wasn’t Vintage Stock, so it wins by default? Not to say it isn’t a wonderful album. Motion City Soundtrack makes some great music, and this album is second only to Commit This To Memory, which is admittedly my favorite album of all time.

Runner Up: Teenage Dream, Katy Perry? I seriously don’t know.

Best Book: Earth.

When we inevitably destroy ourselves in a nuclear-global warming holocaust, Earth (The Book) will stand as an encyclopedia of our knowledge to the aliens that discover our planet. Jon Stewart continues to be the funniest person alive today. I actually sat down and tried to go through this book and find a grouping of words that did not contain a joke. I could not. I can’t think of higher praise to give a book.

Best Web Video: Antoine Dodson


Runner up: The Backing Up Lady.

Best Video Game: Starcraft 2

So it was sold in three parts. So the campaign ends on the biggest cliffhanger ever. So I’m terrible at multiplayer. WHO CARES. This is a worthy sequel to the most popular RTS ever, and I expect the next two expansions to be even better.

Runner up: Alan Wake.




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