Web Wednesday: Face Swaps, Basketball, Basketball (and Basketball)

5 01 2011

[I won’t sugarcoat it, I’m really not trying tonight. Still, that doesn’t deny the fact that these sites and videos are awesome. So hush it.]

Awesome (non-basketball) Site

Face Swaps: People who spend time getting to know me learn that I love three things: Puppies, argyle sweaters, and stupid Photoshops. Face Swaps, occasionally, employs all three of those things. But mostly it’s the Photoshops. There’s something about those comic strip-like close ups that make me squeal like a pig in a Geico commercial. They are really something.

[After the jump are a lot of college basketball related sites and videos. Wallow in the glow of conference season!]

A Quick List of Fun College Basketblogs

Gus Johnson Screaming

Happy Wednesday!




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