The Best of 2010!

8 01 2011

Remember this? No? Read this.

Remember 2010? You might not after your drunken debauchery which ushered in the new year. I’m here to help you rejog your memory, with the best of 2010 list!

Let’s get started!


My vote for best video game of 2010? Fallout: New Vegas of course! Fallout 3, of course, is one of the best games of all time, and New Vegas is only a minuscule point away from being better than Fallout 3. With wonderful missions, and an interesting story line, New Vegas is a great addition to anyone’s video game collection. With the ability to completely pick your fate, and who you work with, the game is definitely built by you. You choose who to help, who to kill, what to use, what to wear, and even what you look like. Your actions can anger a group, or make them idolize you.  Fallout: New Vegas is endlessly entertaining; and filled with blood, decapitation, and Elvis impersonators. The game also has a neat soundtrack to boot, with the song “Jingle Jangle Jingle“, which you will never get out of your head. One of the few games I have played nonstop, this game is definitely the top of 2010 gaming.


Love gore? You'll love this show!

A few days ago, I decided it was high time for me to watch The Walking Dead. I had read some of the graphic novel, loaned to me by your hero-blogger Suppes, and I was pretty impressed by those. Now, I love zombies. I always hear people boast that they are “prepared for a zombie apocalypse”, or a lust for one. The medication these people need is this show. Anything that requires you hacking apart a zombie and then rubbing their fragrant innards all over yourself should never be lusted for. But the massive amount of television gore aside, the show is pretty damn good, and this is coming from the guy who’s favorite show is Phineas and Ferb (Pretty quality taste, right?). The show has a nice, large array of characters, and that’s not including the mindless zombies. The show has sex, gore, love, drama, and of course, zombies, who could want more? This show takes the cake for 2010 (Sorry, Finn and Jake).

Sorry, Adventure Time With Finn and Jake, but you take second to The Walking Dead.



My top novel from 2010 would be Ancestor, written by Scott Sigler. If Suppes and I don’t give Scott Sigler enough praise on this blog, reread the blog. Besically, a company is engineering our “ancestor”, or something like it, so we can harvest these creatures for their organs, for organ transplants. Everything is fine and dandy, until their obese Chinese geneticist goes into one of her manic phases and creates a monster worse than the well monster from Ocarina of Time.

Dead Hand: Not as frightening as the Ancestors.

The book has a very interesting cast of characters: from the insane, to the horny, to the kindly. The book is definitely my type of book; with almost non-stop action. A very good novel indeed, it deserves its place at the top of my 2010 list.

Also, the books includes the line, “His penis sparkled in the moonlight like skin made of crushed rubies”. How could you not read it?


True Grit: He has an eyepatch. Watch it.

Now, the reader must understand, I do not watch many movies. But I got to the theaters a few times in 2010, and watched a couple movies through out the year, so I decided to throw in my opinion. The movie True Grit was a a Coen Brother’s film: a good mix between action, and long conversations. The movie was an interesting and exciting film. To sum it up, a girl’s father is killed, and she must avenge his death, so she goes on the hunt for his killer. Yet, a young girl cannot find and kill a murderer on her own, so she enlists a drunkard for help, who is one of the most sly foxes I’ve seen in any movie. The movie has a good about of gunshots and characters, so it is at the top of my 2010 movie list, with Black Swan coming in a close second.


Blue Sky Noise-Circa Survive

This is not only my top 2010 album, it also climbed quickly to my top 10 albums of all time. A metal/rock/whatever fusion, this album is wonderful. Anthony Green’s vocals are superb, and the rest of the band brings it out on this album as well. The album artwork is even cool (I have a poster of it hanging in my room). From loud, metal driven songs such as “Get Out” to soft and remorseful songs such as “Frozen Creek”, this is a diverse album. Definitely my number one for 2010.


Well, that’s about it! Happy new year! I hope your resolutions are to read our blog and continue hating the world. I know mine are!





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9 01 2011
Scott Sigler

Awesome, I’m honored ANCESTOR was your favorite novel of the year. Glad you dug it!

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