Let’s Play: A wonderful way to waste your time.

16 01 2011

Everyone loves playing video games. Or at least I do. I assume you do as well, or you wouldn’t be reading this. Or maybe you don’t. In that case, GTFO.

Okay, now that they’re gone. Let’s discuss Let’s Play-ing. Not sure how to verbify that. Anyway. Let’s Plays are essentially a feed of a person playing a video game while they (usually) provide commentary. Now, admittedly, this sounds like the most boring thing ever, and you might be right. Done poorly or by boring people, Let’s Plays can be arduous to sit through. But when done well, they are absolutely hilarious. After the jump are a few to convince you that I am not insane.

UltraJMan – I Wanna Be The Guy

An absolutely excessive number of people have LP’d IWBTG. Like, it’s bad. If you don’t know, IWBTG is generally considered the hardest game ever created. (Side note: I HAVE BEATEN IT. It was hell.) Anyway. Way too many people have videos up of them attempting it. Some are half finished, some are boring as hell. Only a few don’t completely suck. And the best one of those is UltraJMan’s. UJM’s play-through of IWBTG is not so much a video of a game as it is a study of a descent into madness. Now, it’s understandable. I’m a calm person, but this game made me mad enough to cause stress headaches. However, this game slowly breaks UltraJMan down until video 49, in which he cries.

LordVega – Silent Hill 2

Lord Vega LP’s a lot of games. But the first ones I watched of his were Silent Hill 2. While UltraJMan is entertaining because he’s slowly going insane, LordVega is mainly entertaining because of his constant mocking of the game. Vega constantly questions the intelligence and decisions of the main character, all while remaining calm in the face of danger…unless that danger is Pyramid Head.

Giantbomb – Deadly Premonition

Deadly Premonition is one of the best/worst games I’ve ever played. But that’s a story for another blog post. For now, let’s discuss how freaking hilarious the guys at Giantbomb make it. 2 teams of 2 guys each played through the game all the way, totaling about 80 videos between them. Their contempt for the game is tangible, and they mock it at every turn. It’s quite clear they don’t want to be doing this, but they know they must. The videos themselves are hosted at Giantbomb’s website, but what I do have is a compilation of some of the funniest moments from the first 25 episodes.

So there you go. Now you know what Let’s Plays are. Any favorites you’ve watched? Let me know!




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