Web Wednesday: The Wonderful World of Van Der Beek

19 01 2011

Hey, douches! Somebody actually recommended funny internet stuff to me. Finally, I don’t have to scour the internet for slightly above average Tumblrs. Thanks to our (likely) only regular reader that isn’t somehow related to me, Craig for the suggestions!

Website of the Week: James Van Der Memes

Honestly, I don’t give too big of a shit about James Van Der Beek’s career. All I know is that he starred on some show, was memorable for crying like a bitch, and then he randomly played the quarterback in Varsity Blues. If I was this age in the 90’s, I’d probably show my hatred for Van Der Beek on whatever the 90’s version of a blog is…. an 8 Track? Wait, wait, a slam poetry club. Damn I’m so witty! Can I get a high five? Anyone?

Thanks, James Van Der Beek!

But now all of that theoretical hate is all behind me, because now Van Der Beek seems to have embraced the idea that people love people that will make fun of themselves, and nothing says “I’m a good sport!” like contributing gifs that lampoon his Van Der Beek-ness.

What’s more is that Funny or Die got in on the act recently. The result? Well, I certainly don’t hate James Van Der Beek anymore… well, I really never did hate him… whatever. Videos after el jumpo.

Mwuhahaha… anyways, happy Wednesday!




2 responses

19 01 2011

You left out Vanderbeek’s smale cameo in Jay and Bob Strike Back.

19 01 2011
Matt Suppes

Ahhh, yes I forgot about that

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