Fallout: New Vegas-My Top 5 Guns!

21 01 2011

Hello Fallout fans! I have been playing New Vegas nonstop recently. Among discovering every location in the game, I have also spent my time collecting a large arsenal of good and customized weapons. Even though the energy weapons are fun, it’s difficult to buy enough ammo for the energy weapons when the entire Van Graff family is dead. I have pretty much every gun in the game, so I know me some guns. I may have Maria, but I still don’t have a girlfriend. Meet me after the jump to read more of my nerdgasm!


5) Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle

This can be found in the Sniper’s Nest, which is in the lower right hand corner of the map. The player needs a lockpick skill of 100 to open the chest containing this sniper rifle. As long as the player has a lockpick skill of 100, this is a rather easy to acquire machine. At full condition, and when not using VATs, this sniper kicks ass. Almost 100% you can effectively and quickly hit your target. The sniper also does a considerable amount of damage compared to the rest of the sniper rifles in the game. Also: It’s pimp gold!

4) Vance’s 9mm Submachine Gun

Vance, of Vicki and Vance, the famous crime committing duo! Even though the two are an obvious allusion Bonnie and Clyde, still a neat addition to the game. This gun was originally in a case in the Vicki and Vance Casino (Where else!?) in Primm. Yet, the player only finds a shattered display case. Upon talking to the cowboy robot in Primm, if the player has a science skill of 30, they can hack the robot and find the hidden files on the robot, which direct the player to Wins Hideout, an unmarked location on the Pipboy’s map. The home is lived in by Pauline and Sammy Wins; wannabe gangsters. The player, with a high lockpick skill of 100 can break into the safe to steal this gun, or with certain speech functions and a speech skill of 55 can talk the two into giving up the gun; eventually. The gun itself is rather strong, but when paired with Benny’s suit (Which the player can acquire by blowing Benny’s face off), the player can have a wannabe gangster of their very own!

Suit+top hat+Vance's submachine gun=2 cool.

3) 12.7 mm Submachine Gun

This gun can be found multiple ways. For the most part, it can be purchased from merchants, such as the Gun Runners or the Brotherhood of Steel. The weapon can also be found behind a locked gate in Bloodbourne Cave requiring a lockpick skill of 100 to break into. Along with the gun over 7,000 caps can be found. Oh boy! This gun is incredibly strong, and as a machine gun, it is simple for the player to pray and spray fairly well against difficult enemies.

2) Mysterious Magnum

This can be taken from the Lonesome Drifter near the Sunset Sarsaparilla sign, which is north of El Dorado Gas & Service. All you have to do is walk up to the friendly drifter, and shoot him in the face! Easy as shooting a guy in the face! It is speculated that the Lonesome Drifter is the son of the Mysterious Stranger that comes to save the player in fallout 3 in VATs once in a Blue Moon (Get it, Blue Moon!? Like Sinatra!). The sounds of the Mysterious Stranger perk in Fallout 3 match the sounds of the drawing and holstering of the Mysterious Magnum in Fallout: New Vegas.

This gun is pretty strong, and revolvers are always fun, but the real reason it’s my #2 gun is it’s awesome sound effects upon drawing the weapon and holstering the weapon.

Go to 1:08 to hear the drawing of the weapon!

1) Anti-Material Rifle

Ew! A female main character!

The player can find this weapon multiple ways. The easiest way to acquire this weapon is by purchasing it from the Gun Runners (In the PS3 version it is misspelled “Materiel”. Whoops!). The weapon can also be purchased from the Brotherhood of Steel if you help them enough, and can also be found on certain high ranking NCR Veteran Rangers. this gun is incredibly strong. With the armor piercing ammo on, a Deathclaw can be killed in a single headshot. Not to mention the gun is also a wonderful VATs free sniper. The gun is definitely the best in New Vegas; able to kill most things in one shot.

Thank you for reading! Expect a slew of Fallout: New Vegas blogs to be vomiting out of the keyboard of this blogger!

Boone: "You're mine!"



5 responses

22 01 2011
Matt Suppes

Good list. I also enjoy That Gun! and Alien Blaster as well. Wild Wasteland!

6 02 2011
supermutant mike

i agree the antimaterial rifal is great i noticed that u said i can be bought at gun runners? i havent seen that in the options……BUT i did see it on display behind the vendor!! another favorite of mine is mariea (kill benny to get it) very cool looking but anti materian rifal wins hands down……………..i desccoverd the gun on the back of a ranger and i had the hardest time finding ammo 4 it but at gun runers they have ammo 4 it………………………………*heres a tip……….get the iincinerator ammo 4 thegun and select that as ur ammo 4 the gun then target any 1 in vats and then exit out of vats and they will burn…kepp doing it and they will die! no karma is lost and no 1 will become hostile tward u if they see you plus if u do it to an eneym they wont attack u if they dont see u…its a perfect stealth weapon!!

8 04 2011

actuall Materiel is spelled right. it is a military rifle used for destroying equipment instead of shooting people. this is the correct spelling for it

16 08 2011

As another guest has pointed out, “Anti-Materiel” isn’t “anti-material” mispelled. An anti-materiel rifle is a class of rifle designed specifically to damage or destroy military grade equipment. This class of rifle is also frequently used in an anti-personnel role as a sniper rifle but I thought it would be worth clarifying. Here’s a wikipedia link with more information:


14 10 2011

Awsome, love the photo.

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