Video Vriday: NFL Silliness and the Trailer for ‘Rubber’

21 01 2011

Short and sweet, it’s Friday and I’m about ready to pass out from exhaustion.

I’m sure there are plenty of good videos from this week that I’m either forgetting about or just neglecting to post, but here are three of the funniest videos I saw this week. I highly recommend that you guys that don’t care about football still click the jump and catch the trailer for Rubber if you haven’t already. People don’t make that many movies about psychic tires named Robert too often.

Anyways, the top video is a Youtube video that lampoons Brett Favre and Lebron James simultaneously. First off, that guy playing Brett Favre is ridiculously good. Secondly, I have to admit that those penis jokes at the end of the video really made my day (especially Peyton Man-thing), but how the heck could they not include “Purple Peniseater”? Is that too obscure of a football reference, or is it just too raunchy for an R-rated internet video?

After the jump we have videos that compare Bart Scott of the New York Jets to Ollie the Weatherman and preview what should be the Blake Griffin of new movies.

The actual interview is good in it’s own right, but this really makes me giggle like the school girl I truly am. I wish my mind was sharp enough to make silly videos like this one.

NOSTRADAMUS TIME: I predict that either this movie or Hobo With A Shotgun wins Best Picture next year. Terrence Malick can suck it.

H/T to Kissing Suzy Kolber and Filmdrunk




3 responses

21 01 2011
Emily Dowdle

This was the movie I was talking about!

21 01 2011
Matt Suppes

I know! The day you told me about it the trailer was on Filmdrunk. I had deja vu spasms from it

22 01 2011


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